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The Tower of Power makes homebrewer dreams come true: a fully automated RIMS brewery with programmable specifications right in your own home. This system will monitor your temperatures, turn your burners on and off, start and stop pumps for recirculation or sparging, and more - all without your lifting a finger. Hold mash or sparge water temps to within 0.5F, perform complex multi-step mashes with ease, and get pro brewery-level efficiency from your grain.

The system is very adaptable and adjustable to your needs. The basic component is the Control Enclosure, buy one for your mash tun or two to control your mash tun and sparge tank. The optional Pump Tower is a free-standing unit that is available with or without a March 815-HS pump. This unit is great for RIMS (recirculation infusion mash systems), but can be used for regular mashing and sparging as well. It features a wort sampling valve, a flow meter, and a low-flow rate alarm and is mountable on the Blichmann Top Tier. The optional Communications Cable allows you to connect the control unit and a computer; using the free software (Windows XP, Vista, and 7 only) you can program your schedules and control the system remotely. The Bushing allows you to install the Control Enclosure's temperature probe on 1/2" npt threads instead of a 1/2" hole (a bushing comes with each control enclosure).

Control Enclosure - each control enclosure includes the following:

  • Ultra high precision and accuracy PID controller and Class A precision RTD temp sensor.
  • Sensor can be installed in any 1/2" hole in your pot for a HLT or into any 1/2" NPT fitting with the included adapter bushing.
  • A pilotless electronic ignition control system that adapts to ANY burner (gas or propane) not just ours! This ignitor will instantly relight your burner if blown out by a wind, and will shut down your gas if a flame is not detected within 10 sec and will sound an alarm. Includes industrial ignition electrode and high quality silicone/carbon fiber ignition wire.
  • US made gas solenoid valve (installs on your burner gas supply)
  • Data port for optional remote monitoring and mash profile programming (unlimited profiles) on your PC (optional com cable required)
  • Convenient cable storage tray in the back of the enclosure to neatly store wires between uses.
  • Includes a decal for MASH and one for HLT so you can label appropriately.
  • Compact enclosure is 4.25"W, 7"H, 7"D - easy to integrate into your brew system
  • Brushed stainless cover and gloss black powder coated case will look beautiful for years
  • Pump Tower - This optional free standing RIMS plumbing tower offers the following features:

  • March 815 HS pump (can be purchased with or without the pump).
  • Flow meter to set your mash recirculation rate and your lauter rate. Doubles as a visual wort color/clarity sight-glass!
  • Adjustable low-flow alarm sounds a horn if your mash begins to stick or your flow slows for any reason.
  • Custom designed 3-way valve will divert your wort from your mash tun to your boil kettle at sparge time with a twist of the wrist.
  • Wort sampling valve to check for starch conversion or specific gravity/pH during the sparge.
  • Conveniently mount one or two control modules (optional mounting plate required for second control)
  • Tower includes integral GFCI recepticale for safety.
  • Cleanup is a breeze! All you need is a bottling bucket.
  • Optional mounting kit for TopTier owners to permanantly install the unit onto your stand!
  • Gloss black powder coated tower will look beautiful for years.

  • Control enclosure: 4.25"W, 7"H, 7"D
  • Tower: Base - 15""W, 16"D, 43"H (49"H with the control enclosure)
  • Power requirement: 2A 120V 60Hz (pump tower and 2 controllers)
  • Blichmann Tower of Power

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    Treat yourself Review by Joe
    Struggling with the added expense? I was too. I ended up pulling the trigger on a 10 Gallon RIMS complete system. I have two 15 gallon and one 20 gallon with the top tier (3 burners) and added the Tower of Power and single module at the very last minute. I am NOT a compulsive shopper. I spent a month researching and planning and talking myself out of it.

    This is supposed to be fun - so add the gadget (if you can) and stop thinking about it. I am in love (man love) with my system. Adding the ToP to it made it much more enjoyable. With the pump and the heating module controls, I was able to step Mash even though it was very cold out (a little warmer in the garage). My rating is two thumbs up. (Posted on 1/28/14)
    Second Module Review by Jeff
    Buy the second module for the tower, makes brewing twice as easy. (Posted on 11/10/13)
    Tower of Efficiency Review by Jeff
    Great system, knocks out other competitors. (Posted on 11/10/13)
    Excellent Performance Review by Don
    I ordered one controller with the pump. During set up I discovered the hardware (bolts, nuts, washers) for mounting the pump was missing so I called Northern Brewer and within 3 or 4 days I received the bolts and washers from Bllichmann...but no nuts??? So called Norther Brewer and about a week later I received the nuts. Rather than waiting I went to Lowes and got the nuts I needed. The only other issue I had with set up is Blichmann installed the 3 way valve backwards to when you push the handle to the right, the wort flows to the left. I found this problem out the hard way during a test run. You absolutely need to do a test run before your first brew to get familiar with using the system...and get the bugs out.

    The actual performance during my first brew (Pumpkin Ale) was excellent. I posted a short YouTube video of that brew session here ( ). The thermometer in the mash tun stayed within 1 degree of what I had set on the controller. Clean up was very easy per the instructions. I had already used a similar method with other equipment. The only difference is I have a 5 gallon bucket of water that I flush through before I use PBW. I installed the Blichmann Auto Sparge to work in conjunction with the Tower of Power and that worked out really well for me.

    I've seen in some reviews people complaining about the annoying alarm signalling the burner is about to ignite. This was a complete non issue for me. I didn't find it annoying at all and found it useful when I was working over the pot.

    I highly recommend this product.

    (Posted on 9/16/12)
    Great Addition to my Brewing Review by Gary
    The system I bought has just one controller, I have no idea why you would need a second to control the temperature of the HLT - thats hard) with the output of the tower to an AutoSparge on the mash tun through a "T" with the other end of the "T" connected to the HLT. Using the tower to control the temperature also allows the bed to be set up in the mash tun for run off to the brew kettle. I'm getting >75% efficiency with the system.

    Cleanup is a breeze, turn the system off, clean the mash tun, add ~5 gallons of hot water with PBW and recirculate for 15 minutes (I clear out the tower before recirculating) then change the water in the mash tun with sanitizer and repeat above.

    Only glitch is I can't get the software to work, something I'm doing wrong I'm sure. For a simple simgle step mash this can't be beat. Oh, the mash temperature was within +/-1 degree on the thermometer on my mash tun. (Posted on 7/20/12)
    Just Awesome Review by AZ Brewer
    Just picked this bad boy up. Got two controllers so I can regulate my mash and HLT. Also picked up the tower & pump. I was a bit hesitant to drop that much cash but I am glad I did.

    This thing rocks, it has made my brew days vastly easier and much more efficient. I love the tower for diverting the mash directly into the boil kettle. Hooked it up to my HLT through the AutoSparge and love how I don't have to do anything but open up the HLT valve and that's it.

    You like to brew right? Just buy it already, you deserve it! (Posted on 6/21/12)

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