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Control your yeast - make them do your bidding. One of the most important factors in producing a high quality beer is the ability to control fermentation temperatures. Yeast can behave very differently at various temperatures within their ideal range which can result in dramatically different flavor profiles in your finished beer. The Home Brew Heat Panel allows you to maintain consistent fermentation temperatures so you get consistent results, batch after batch. Need some heat for that Belgian? Brewing in Antarctica? Then this is just what you need. Simple to use, just plug it in and set your fermenter on the panel. The durable construction makes it resistant to abrasion and water so it’s easy to clean. For the ultimate level of control, partner it with a temperature controller and you’ll be fermenting like a pro.

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Home Brew Heat Mat

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Foxx Brewer's Heater Pad Review by Stanley N McInnis
This heat pad FIT INSIDE most plastic milk-crate. This bottom heater will lay flat in a milk-crate. I use a milk-crates use to protect my carboy.

Unit measures 11 1/4" by 11 1/4" square. Made in New Zealand. Power consumption is 25 watts @ 110 volts. A white corrugated plastic bottom, under the smooth, blue, plastic top. The six-foot power cord is attached to the beveled corner.

I purchased six-months ago from NB, with a thermostatic controller (not included). Foxx Brewers Heater Pad has reliably warmed my T-shirt wrapped, six-gallon carboys, this Winter, in my unheated basement.

I may purchase a second. (Posted on 6/15/14)

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