Draft Brewer™ Flex Keg System

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Serve your brew from any nook or cranny in your home with swivel-connection tap lines. With a Draft Brewer™ system, no brew cave or home pub is too small to enjoy good beer on tap.

Take the guesswork out of perfect carbonation. Adjust the carbonation in real-time and guarantee perfect pours, even if your brews require different serving pressure. The ultra-durable double-body Governor® CO2 regulator makes carbonation easier than ever. Hand-adjustable pressure knobs are twist-and-go. High-contrast gauges give you pressure information in a quick glance.

Enjoy ideal carbonation without nightmares of bottle bombs ever again. The Flex System's double-body Governor® gives you more control and flexibility than any other kegging system.

Finally, a serving method as impressive as your homebrew. Bring homemade beer to a party and you’re interesting. Bring two kegs of homemade beer to a party and you’re a hero. Bring the Draft Brewer™ Flex System and the party will never end!

Includes everything except a CO2 tank to share and enjoy draft homebrew.


  • Two Draft Brewer™ 5-Gallon Kegs
  • Double Body Governor® CO2 Regulator
  • Two fully assembled gas lines & nylon washers to ensure tight seals
  • Two fully assembled draft lines for pouring brew from your kegs

Draft Brewer Dual Keg System with Double Body CO2 Regulator

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Very excited!! Review by Brandon
My wife got me this for Christmas and I couldn't be happier. I had a batch of the winter ale in the secondary so of course I had to put one of the kegs to use! The double bodied regulator means I can force carb the next batch while I serve the current batch. I plan on getting 2 manifolds so I can hook up multiple kegs at the different pressures. Can't wait to put this to more use!! (Posted on 12/26/14)

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