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Petite Saison d'Ete Extract Kit  w/ Specialty Grains

Petite Saison d'Ete Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

Product Review (submitted on November 11, 2013):
This was my first brew kit ever! I brewed this during the Summer and switched yeasts to the Wyeast Belgian Ardennes strain due to high apartment temperatures (82-89f). I went to Ireland for two weeks the day after I put this in the fermenter, when we came back it had a nice golden brown color to it. Probably my fault by accidentally caramelizing the malt by not stirring the wort during the boil.

Now I'm not sure what the original or final gravity was but I do know that two of these would give you a solid buzz. I tried to let them condition for two weeks but by the end of the first week they were fully carbonated from priming sugar and tasted frigging awesome. This was an all around winner for my friends and family. Everyone loved this one including my fiance who is finicky about which beers she drinks. I will definitely make this again. This batch did not make it three weeks out of the fermenter.