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Brickwarmer Holiday Red Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

Brickwarmer Holiday Red Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2014):
I stuck to the original recipe, only variation was I made a vanilla bean tincture with two beans and added it to the secondary off recommendation from other reviewers. 15 days in primary, 20 days in secondary, forced carb'd and kegged. I tapped this batch on Christmas eve and it did not disappoint.

Appearance: Draft poured from keg, dark, burnt red, slight haze, 1 inch of head, strong lacing.

Smell - Citrus zest, vanilla, very malty.

Taste - The initial taste was rich sweet toasty malts, caramel, almost coffee flavor, very earthy. Orange and vanilla flavors as well but not overpowering and not at the forefront. For a beer with a relatively high ABV there are hardly any hints of alcohol. Flavors became more prominent as beer warmed up. Best slightly chilled, not icey cold.

Mouthfeel - The mouthfeel is creamy and full. Heavy on the palate.

Overall - This is a solid brew. Although I could not imagine this on a summer night, good for cold, Colorado weather though. If I were to brew this again I would probably add additional orange somewhere along the process, either double up on the peels during boil or add some peels in the secondary in a muslin bag with the vanilla tincture. Only 4 stars because I think it could be approved upon if done again. Not the best batch I have ever made but very satisfying.