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Big Mouth Bubbler® - 6.5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

Big Mouth Bubbler® - 6.5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

Product Review (submitted on April 11, 2014):
I have been using the 5 gal size for the secondary and the 6.5 for the primary. Have ran about 40 gallons of beer through them with no major issues. A few things I wouldn't mind upgraded though are:

A better connection for the blow off hose, so far haven't had any issue with foaming up at the lid it seems to have an adequate seal but would be nice to secure it without having to wrap some tape around it.

The foam seals are working fine once you get the lid nice and snug. Anyone know an easy way to get them out to clean them though. Takes a bit of finesse to get them out without causing damage.

Doesn't fit the stick on thermostats very well.

I just got two more in the mail today and they came with a hollow stopper that sits more securely over the hole for the airlock. Much better than the small ones that went seemed like they were going to pop out of the hole when wet.