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Sweet Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

Sweet Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

Product Review (submitted on June 10, 2012):
This Stoudt is the first beer I've ever brewed. So, being new to the home brew world, I wanted to follow this recipe to the letter and read all the advice from the Northern Brewer Reviews to make sure my beer didn't suck. Many of the reviews mentioned the proper time for fermenting, conditioning, etc. which ranged from 4-8 weeks before actually having a finished quality beer you can drink from the bottle. Seems like a long time to wait!

That all changed when I talked to a brew master from a small local brewery that I frequently visit. He said, after two straight days of zero change in gravity in the primary fermenter cold crash the beer at 38 degrees for another two days and go straight to bottling. I must say I was skeptical! I didn't want to ruin my first batch of beer! However, this guy has a brewery that Beer Advocate rates "World Class" so I decided to follow his instructions.

Needless to say, after 6 days in the primary fermenter I cold crashed the beer for 2 days and carbonated in the bottles for 10 days. Today, 18 days after I started, I'm drinking some damn good beer! Obviously, if you are kegging you can get the total days down to 10.

I realize I'm a novice and that beer usually gets better the longer you condition it (I'm sure this Stoudt wil taste even better and mellow in a couple weeks). Yet, the brewmaster I talked to brews with a 10 day turnaround and he makes some of the top rated beers in the world. My advice is to cold crash once fermentation stops if you have the ability to store the primary fermenter in a cold temperature controlled environment.