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Clarity Ferm 5 mls - Pack of 5

Clarity Ferm 5 mls - Pack of 5

Product Review (submitted on February 10, 2012):
Pretty cool product. Doesn't remove the glutens, but renders them inert. SCIENCE!! Both my mom and I are not celiacs, but we are "sensitive to gluten", meaning I can't drink a normal beer without getting a stuffed up nose and only being able to breathe out of my mouth. Annoying. Not life threatening.

Anyway, I've used this in 9 batches so far and have had pretty good results. I have not had any allergic reactions at all with my beers using this. HOWEVER, I will say that the body does feel a bit thinner in the Clarity Ferm beers than in normal beers. (Maybe it's just the beer judge talking.) To counteract this, I've upped the mash temperatures slightly (1-2*F) and have gotten good results on repeat recipes. Some recipes are not affected. (Belgians seem to do better in body while Scottish ales don't do so well.)

Overall, a great product. I'll continue to use it and keep experimenting.