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De Belge Farmhouse IPA BIAB All Grain Kit

De Belge Farmhouse IPA BIAB All Grain Kit

Product Review (submitted on May 10, 2013):
First of all, let me say that this turned out great. But I had to make some changes to get what I wanted. I've been loving big belgian IPAs, like Raging Bitch, and I didn't really look at the De Belge recipe when I ordered it, so I didn't realize it would be nothing like these americo-belgian IPAs that I love.

Please note that I scaled this to 5.5 gallons, so all measurements are relative to that change.

The first thing I did was to dial back the IBUs. 80 IBUs just seemed way too high for a beer with no real malt flavor to balance it. So I put in 1oz of the Brewers Gold at 60 mins and 2.5oz of the Hallertau at 20 mins. This brought IBUs down to ~50. I really wanted to put in the rest of the hops as a flavoring addition, but since this was my first belgian, I didn't have the guts.

Well, sure enough, out of the primary it was all yeast esters and hop bitterness, but no hop flavor or aroma (what's an IPA if you can't taste/smell the hops?). So I dry hopped into the keg, with the extra 1/2 oz of hallertau, plus 1 oz of cascade and 3/4 oz of amarillo, to add as some spice/citrus overtones, especially since the 3952 yeast is really strong on bubblegum flavors and much less on fruit flavors.

After 4 days of dry-hop (in the keg), the beer is great. Still a really strong belgian pils/wheat base, with lots of orange and grapefruit on top. And now it really does taste like an IPA. If I were to do it again, I would add an ounce of hallertau and an ounce of cascade at flameout, and then pull the hallertau out of the dry hop.