The Complete Joy of Homebrewing (Third Edition)

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The book that started thousands of us in the hobby has been updated for the new millennium.

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The book that started thousands of us in the hobby has been updated for the new millennium. Beer critic Michael Jackson calls it a "lifestyle manual, a philosophical tract, and a work of subversive literature." The third edition still features Charlie Papazian's easygoing, conversational writing style, taking readers from first extract batch through all-grain brewing. All of Charlie's well-known recipes (Toad Spit Stout, Goat Scrotum Ale, etc.) are back, with several new ones to boot. Best of all, much of the dated info from the 1978 second edition has been revised to reflect the greater quality and variety of ingredients and equipment now available to homebrewers.

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Customer Reviews

Fun, easy to read and informative Review by Rod
My first homebrewing book and by far my favorite. It's written in a style that's fun and easy to read. Recently bought the latest edition to replace the old yellowed one I've had since 1993. Also bought a couple copies for my homebrewing friends. (Posted on 12/24/14)
A Must Read Review by Kevin
Got this book for Christmas (my wife rocks!) Definitely packed full of info, and recipes. Must read for anyone who wants to learn the craft! (Posted on 1/22/14)
Must read Review by Andrew
This is the first book I read about home brewing. The more I read the book the more I desired to start brewing myself. I would suggest this book for anyone interested in brewing. (Posted on 8/26/12)
Great book Review by Daniele
A must have. Clear, easy to read, and informative. (Posted on 5/15/12)
awesomness Review by CharlieBrownAle
I started homebrewing a couple years ago. My brothers turned me onto it. This was the liturature they recomended, years later I still use it. It has lead me from my begginings with a brew kettle and a couple fermenting buckets, to today brewing multiple batches a month, a couple carboys bubbling at a time, all grain brewing, and I'm continueing to perfect and expand my hobbie. Its all in there! (Posted on 1/17/12)
i have to buy a new copy every two months Review by david
love this book but wish it came in a hardback addition because i have to replace my copy often do to over use.
even if you are new to home brewing or a season pro this book is a must have (Posted on 11/14/11)
Great Starting Point Review by Ken
Must have for beginning brewers. Excellent starting point for anyone just getting their feet wet. Reading the beginning and intermediate sections will give you plenty of knowledge to tackle ales, lagers, mashes, etc. The lax attitude of the reader reminds you that brewing should be fun first and foremost. Sadly, the book doesn't offer too much help when it comes to troubleshooting problems during brews. (Posted on 6/15/11)
A #1 Review by Vincent
This is your first step into a Lager (not a misspelling) world. This book starts with the very basic and then into the complex all-grain brewing. Papazian's motto, "Relax. Have a homebrew," is a mantra I use to this day. Recipes could use a little tweaking here and there but overall this should be the first book on your shelf. (Posted on 5/20/11)
Relax! Review by brew-n00b
This is the book that really got me excited about homebrewing. The "don't worry about it" attitude is a nice reminder that this is a hobby. It should be fun. You can get geeky, but ultimately if you aren't having a good time, why bother? Can't recommend it enough. (Posted on 11/15/10)
the bomb diggity Review by hiloc
the book by the man who started it all, a must have! (Posted on 10/27/10)
great book Review by some dork
This is the best book, got me started and sent me to all grain! The home brewers companion is a must have to, Charlie Papzian is the cats pajamas! (Posted on 8/31/10)