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Optional screen for 8", 10", and anti-splash funnels.

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Optional funnel screen for 8", 10", and anti-splash funnels.

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Customer Reviews

Catches the crud for cleaner beer. Review by Will
I use this when transferring from brew kettle to primary fermenter, then from primary to bottling bucket. Filters out the extra crud and makes for cleaner beer. (Posted on 1/12/14)
Cheap and easy Review by Aaron
I bought three of these and threw them into my bucket of sanitizer. Stuck one into the funnel and started pouring in wort at a slowish pace. The mesh screen is about the right fineness to keep out most of the break material. I use a bag for the hops, so I'm not dealing with hop sludge, which I think would make this less feasible. But I found it really easy to pour in the wort till the flow slows, pop out the screen, and put in a new one. I ended using about 2 screens per gallon. Once they're used up, I rinse them off in the sink then throw them back in the sanitizer. Having 3 makes it much less of hassle. With just one, you'd be stopping all the time. They're only $0.99, so I recommend getting a few. (Posted on 2/10/13)
Use with a strainer too Review by Mike
Clogs fairly easily, but I have a strainer for the heavy stuff. For filtering what goes through the funnel, this does the job. (Posted on 5/1/12)
YOU get with it. Review by pcdiver
If one would whirlpool or better clarify before pouring, one wouldn't have the clogging. GREAT product.

NB...ever think of making a multi-step set with several mesh sizes?? Maybe "stackable...course to fine?? (Posted on 4/21/12)
it worked but felt cheated. Review by redrhino311
i bought the deluxe starter kit and it came with a funnel. we only had 1 once of hops to add to our wort so we had no issue with the straining. it did not clog or back up, it did what it was suppose to do. the only negative thing that i felt was feeling cheated. the screen snapped perfectly into the funnel, as if the screen originally came with the funnel.... and the people at NB was like hey we can sell the screen separate and cash in on that instead of selling it as a a whole. i mean yes its only .99 cents but same time its hard not feeling that you were cheated out those 99 pennies. (Posted on 4/3/12)
It's a FILTER--It works! Review by Kale
I use this screen with my antisplash funnel and it works VERY well. In fact, it keeps the excess grain and hop particles out so well that it occasionally clogs. Which is when I exchange the clogged screen for a fresh one--it continues to pick up the garbage that would otherwise be in my beer, and it makes the whole funneling process go more quickly. And at only $0.99 a piece, these are very affordable. I don't understand why people complain when a filter clogs because it keeps solid particles from entering their fermenter (because that is exactly what it is designed to do). (Posted on 2/28/12)
Using Funnel efficiently Review by Bob
Best to let the hops & debris settle first. Then you can bail the hot wort with a clean 1 qt (or similiar) sauce pan, drawing off the top. Pour the last quart of wort thru the screen & allow to drain. Works for me. (Posted on 9/13/11)
Like everyone else says. Review by Rich
I have to agree this screen is kind of a waste. It clogged after about 5 seconds of pouring from the kettle. I took it out and tossed it in the garbage. (Posted on 5/12/11)
Great when used with a fine hop bag. Review by teknodog44
The whole idea is to filter while pouring. Try using a fine mesh nylon hop bag for your hop pellets. What the bag doesn't grab the funnel screen will. It's a great one-two punch. The funnel screen is a necessity for me. (Posted on 5/6/11)
Excellent tool but requires something more Review by atlbrewer
This screen is excellent, but I use a flat-tipped stainless-steel spoon to clear the trub once the screen clogs. It's simple, and I prefer this method to siphoning since it's quicker and doesn't require the use of plastic tubing to transfer from kettle to carboy. (Posted on 12/19/10)
yes it clogs -Its suppose to... Review by ungradbrewin
Strainers are meant to stop access stuff from entering your fermentor when pouring. Thus, this strainer will clog when you pour your batch of wort into the fermenter; this means its doing its job very well infact. For $.99 and it "locks" or "snaps" into place its really a fine and handy thing to have. Pour the last gallon or two slowly and unclog as you go its way better than bringing all the access in with the wort. Sombody mentioned using it as a second strainer, I'm going to try than it sounds like a great idea! (Posted on 8/22/10)
Good for the Price Review by Jeremy
If you pour the wort carfully, you should be able to use this with no problem. I unclog it about 3 times per 5 gallons. I like it. (Posted on 6/5/10)
I'll third that Review by dave
yeah... clogs wayyyy too easy.... especially with pellets it seems... (Posted on 5/1/10)
Kinda Useless Review by Tim
This filter is kinda useless. As the previous reviewer said, the hops clog it up easily. And yes, that is the point. The problem is this screen is so small that wants you get down to pouring the last gallon or two from your kettle, it clogs every 2 seconds. I'd recommend buying funnels that fit the larger sectioned screens which I haven't seen offered at NB. Get on it NB! (Posted on 4/12/10)