2000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask

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An excellent all-around yeast starter vessel.

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2000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask


2000 ml borosilicate glass flask makes an excellent all-around yeast starter vessel. Takes a #10 stopper or 46-50 mm foam stopper - for optimum fit, especially when propagating yeast, we highly recommend using a foam stopper.

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update to review Review by Phil
This is a basic flask. Use with extreme care, the glass is very thin and fragile. I did manage to find lab grade Pyrex flasks that are much tougher and I have heated them on the stove directly without any breakage. I have not encountered 'bump' breakage with Pyrex either. This flask will work for you if you are very careful with it.

(Posted on 8/11/14)
Great flask for starters Review by Scott
This flask feels fragile, and may be, but with careful handling so far this has been a terrific purchase. Easy to work with and clean. (Posted on 8/8/14)
Excellent Review by Daniel
Worked great for two yeast starters so far, would recommend! (Posted on 12/18/13)
good Review by Tony
just what i was looking for (Posted on 12/6/13)
Thin product Review by L
Have used to make 5 starters and all is well. However I agree with the consensus that the material is thin and easily breakable. Some imported product that is not as solid as I would like. (Posted on 9/11/13)
Good quality at a good price Review by Dave
I was pleasantly surprised to find that NB was cheaper than any listing on eBay for this flask. Quality seems good, haven't had any issues at all. (Posted on 9/3/13)
Works Great Review by DM
I have used this to make one started so far. It is easier to use and stir with this than the jug I had previously used. I plan to buy a stir plate, so this was an incremental purchase. I am gentle with my use of the flask, so no damage issues thus far. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Takes cold/heat shock well but breaks at the slightest tap against another piece of glass. Review by Mitch
I ran 3 starters through mine and did not have any issues until I had to postpone a brew for a few days. Went to put the flask in the fridge and the slightest touch to the glass shelf caused the glass to break and a golf ball sized hole to fall out of the bottom dumping 2L or starter all over the inside of my fridge. Looking at the glass, it is extremely thin... Like fine wine glass thin!

While it took heat by direct flame on my counter top butane gas burner and cold shock just fine, it was a disappointment that it broke so easily just by putting it in the fridge. Amazon sells rubber flask guards, might be worth it to invest in one of those or just buy a case of the from one of the many Amazon vendors and save a bit of money. (Posted on 7/25/13)
fragile Review by Dan
this is my second because if you look at it the wrong way it shatters---shadoobie (Posted on 7/19/13)
Fragile Review by Steve
Never put it on a burner; I used this twice and the second time it cracked while sanitising. (Posted on 7/16/13)
don't use heat and handle like eggs Review by Phil
Add me to the list of people who's flask has broken. I don't heat the flask directly and pre-sanitize it prior to pouring boiled sugar solution into it. I just happened to let the flask bump the bottom of a stainless kettle I was using as my sanitizer bucket and it broke it.

Just handle it like it is made of eggshells and don't heat it on the stove.

Breaking something like this considering its' fragile nature is par for the course in my opinion. This may be my first flask breakage, but I am now positive not my last either.

Handle with care. (Posted on 12/23/12)
Fine Review by Nate
I've used two of these for many starters. I really have no issues. I've never smacked them off anything hard, if I did, and it broke, I wouldn't be surprised. It seems to be glass and not pyrex. That's probably why people are breaking them. Same deal as with glass carboys, be careful. (Posted on 12/7/12)
more than 2 years, no problems Review by Andrew
I have made a ton of starters with mine. If you have a problem handling glass, make your starters in a Better Bottle. I wouldn't trade mine for 3 new growlers. It's glass, people. Not granite. (Posted on 11/3/12)
Never Had A Problem Review by JOHN
I have done 25 yeast starters or so. After I boil it, I take it off the heat, let it sit to the side for 10-15 minutes (Covered with foil). I then put in tap water, THEN after the tap water is hot, exchange the water and add ice and proceed to cool to 70 degrees or so. No issues. Now I need a 5000ml flask and GO big.! (Posted on 8/23/12)
I was warned Review by Tina
I was warned by the staff, but I agree with those above, it was an extremely slight tap to the sink that cracked it. I'm looking at picking up a new one on amazon at half the price...that way if I break it, not quite as bummed. It worked well the one time I used it. (Posted on 7/17/12)
Be careful with this thing Review by Patrick
Seriously, be careful. If you breathe on it, it WILL break! (Posted on 7/7/12)
Great Product Review by Ronald
I have had mine for a couple of years and it is still making great starters for great beer. If it breaks I would not be hesitant to purchase another one. (Posted on 6/18/12)
Used once, Review by Michael
Used only once. While making the second starter, dinked flask on the edge of the sink, star san came flowing out. Also, made in India? By United Carbide? KHARMA MAN. (Posted on 6/13/12)
Poor quality Review by John
Extremely fragile. Lasted 2 brewing sessions. (Posted on 6/8/12)
Yes, it's garbage Review by Michael
I went ahead and ordered this, despite several bad reviews. I figured I would take better care of it, and not put it on direct heat. Dumb move. After about two months and four starters, I had a chunk of glass crack out of it while I was washing it. I didn't even hit it, I was just gently scrubbing the outside with a sponge. A complete waste of money. (Posted on 5/9/12)
Please, Please, Please DO NOT BUY!! Review by Greg
I guess I have no one to blame but myself. I read the poor reviews. I knew what I was getting into. “They were just being careless”, I told myself. “I’ll never break this thing”, I said. I had just finished brewing my first batch using this Erlenmeyer flask for the starter (an oaked IPA), and was cleaning the flask. It bounced off the side of my stainless steel sink, and boom, a crack down the side of the flask.

What a useless piece of garbage. You will immediately be able to tell how poorly made it is by how light it weighs. It was about the same weight as my 1 L flask, meaning it has much thinner walls. I really doubt that it’s even made from borosilicate. It has “India” stamped on the side near the volume markings. This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Luckily my girlfriend left me a real Erlenmeyer flask from a local brewshop in my Easter basket. I was a chemistry major long ago, and this is no Erlenmeyer flask. I’m a big fan of NB, but they should not be selling equipment like this.
(Posted on 4/24/12)
No problems yet Review by Tennessee Jed
After many starters,and cleanings, I've had no problems yet. If I do screw up and brake it, I'll just buy another. Maybe mine is a different model than the ones that others have had trouble with. This is a FB-500-2000. I have not been easy with. I treat it like I'm trying to kill it. I do wish I'd bought about 4 or 5 extra stoppers when I bought it. Big starters "blow off " and the foam stopper does not clean very well when full of yeast. (Posted on 4/20/12)
Don't apply direct heat even though NB says you can... Review by Carl
I was gently warming a starter on my gas range during the second use of my 2L flask and I heard that unmistakable ping of glass cracking. Luckily the bottom remained intact enough to pour the wort out of it before it spilled all over my wife's new range. We'll see if they replace it tonight, otherwise I'll have to weigh my options on a new one. I really like NB, but this flask should be discontinued. (Posted on 3/7/12)
dont purchase Review by Thomas
This flask is very fragile. Mine broke before I could even use it. It takes a gentle tap to break it. I have a 2000ML Pyrex flask that is much sturdier. (Posted on 3/6/12)
Great product Review by Lee
I have used this flask to prepare at least 6 starters batches of yeast. It is great to have the extra capacity the other flask I used was half the size and it was difficult to boil with. I use the flask on a glass top stove I take it from boiling straight to a cold water bath for cooling and no problems. No issue with noise here. (Posted on 2/17/12)
new ones much better Review by curt
I too had the same issue with these flasks. I bought one and as I was cleaning it before using it the flask broke. I called the store and they told me to bring it back. When I got the replacement it was a different brand. The new one is a Fisher brand and is much sturdier, and better made.

Very happy with the new flask and the customer service.

Thanks Northern Brewer for standing behind your products! (Posted on 1/28/12)
internet search facts Review by Joshua
1 - Borosilicate glass = Pyrex
2 - Pyrex glass cannot withstand the intensity of direct heat, such as a range or a broiler.
3 - all glass is susceptible to thermal cooling shock (rapid cooling, for example, dunking in cold water while hot) and may crack.
Courtesy of http://www.cookingforengineers.com/article/99/Microwave-Safe-Containers
4 - It is the error of northern brewer that says you can cook with this directly on the burner and then dunk in freezing water. Stop doing this, and your flasks will not crack so easily. Use diffuse heat or a boiling water bath . Then allow to cool to room temp (overnight for the impatient) Thankyou, reviewers who follow this method should have much better luck. (Posted on 1/2/12)
Crappy Quality Review by Dan
Like for many others reviewers this "Made in India" flask broke while cleaning it after 3 uses. A gentle tap on the sink on the extremely thin bottom was all it took. What bothers me the most was that I bought a "pyrex" flask so I could make 1.5 liter yeast starter for lagers on my gas stove. This piece of crap could have just as easily broken on my stove and spilled 2 liters of sticky wort all over my kitchen. When I talked to NB the sales person couldn't have been less interested. Guess he had heard it all before based on the number of reviews. Have never had similar problems with my Kimax brand liter flasks also purchased from NB. (Posted on 12/21/11)
Be a winner not a whiner Review by Jared
Mine just cracked after a long days work of creating a beautiful Dry Stout. It was the very last thing I was cleaning and I tapped it on the edge of my ceramic sink, boo. The crack looks like its smiling at me. Not only do I love the 2000mL flask for doing one of the most important jobs for a brewer, now I know that the are made with an attitude, enough to piss you off, but enough to make you want another one just like it. Bravo. (Posted on 12/4/11)
DO NOT buy this brand Review by bwmac2
Glass on this flask seemed lightweight when I bought it. Less than 1 month old and I broke it using a bottle brush. I'd guess that all their flasks are from the same brand. NB has been good to me in the past but wouldn't take a return on this one. (Posted on 11/27/11)
Broke before 1st Use Review by Michael
Bought, made starter. Accidently tapped the counter when putting in ice bath. Did not shock it. Boiled water first, than let that cool in pan than added to flask to finish cooling. Still broke. Listen to the reviews of this product. (Posted on 11/10/11)
Cracked after single use. Review by Steve
These seem very thin so I'm not shocked it broke. Luckily, I was able to pitch the starter I used it for before it cracked. I was very careful with it, using rubber drawer liners in the sink while cleaning to pad it, etc. Disappointed it didn't last more than one use. (Posted on 10/18/11)
Holding Up Great Review by Christobel
I've used mine for maybe 15 starters now. At first, I cooled it gently. Now, it's boil to ice bath with no problems. I put it directly on my kitchen stove's high output burner (14k BTU NG).

Will probably buy another one in the future...or a 5L monster. (Posted on 10/13/11)
Broke Quickly Review by Alex
Got maybe 5 starters out of it. When I was putting it in the sink to rinse it before I sanitized it, the bottom shattered. Very frustrating. (Posted on 7/29/11)
Don't shock your flasks! Review by Gruneun
All in all, my flask has done well, but as noted previously, the inside bottom of the flask is not smooth, so stir bars are loud. I run mine inside a fermenting freezer and can't imagine it out on a kitchen counter.

The product description recommends taking from a hot stove to an ice bath. DON'T DO THAT! There is no glass that will survive thermal shocks like that for very long. Let it cool on the stove. If you feel the need to rush the cooling, put it in very hot water and slowly introduce colder water. I'm willing to bet that the cases of cracking and breaking from the other reviewers were ultimately caused by that, not the slight bumps. (Posted on 7/27/11)
Don't Buy - Breaks Easy Review by Jim
I just barley touched the side of the sink and it broke. Only used 3 times. Very poor quality. I have the 1000 ML flask and it has been great. (Posted on 6/16/11)
Waste of money..... Review by PatrickMilw
I should have listened to other reviewers. I still bought this flask. I was very careful handling this, since everybody said it breaks so easily. They were right. I accidently knocked it slightly on the side and it broke. (Posted on 4/15/11)
yep mine broke as well Review by scooter
i got more starters than most(5).my brother was setting the flask down and barley touched the bottom edge on the top of the fridge and 2000ml of starter and 2 packets of 05 yeast waisted.i will not be buying this flask again. (Posted on 4/3/11)
bad flask - broke with cooled yeast and starter Review by waterman
Brew day ruined before it started. I broke my flask on its second batch of beer last night. I pitched my yeast into 1400 mL of cooled wort and set the flask on the shelf and tapped it on side of the shelf. It busted and yeast and starter spilled everywhere. Not cool. I've purchased your 1000mL flask and have been really happy with it. Why did I buy this one even after I read all the bad reviews? (Posted on 4/1/11)
Update to last review Review by Daniel
The good people at Northern Brewer are sending me a new flask at no expense to me. Thank you NBers! Hopefully this one will last longer than 2 starters.

2 Pints only because of the excellent service from NB. 1 pint for the product. (Posted on 2/22/11)
Good for 2 starters then cracked Review by Daniel
Used it for 2 starters. Washed it when done and no issues. Just went to put dried flask away and saw a significant crack. Piece of crap! Emailing nb tomorrow to ask for refund. (Posted on 2/21/11)
poor quality Review by DWrath
Used once and while sitting to dry is spontaneously cracked. The quality of this Indian made flask is pretty poor. The glass is thin walled. Will buy another, but not this one, probably a Pyrex flask. Guess you get what you pay for. (Posted on 2/1/11)
Fragile Review by Fish
While washing after the second starter, it barely tapped the side of a plastic utility sink and broke. Will plan to replace with name brand flask. (Posted on 1/22/11)
Disappointed Review by Brewer
Flask is definitely not the one pictured. Summary of my flask:

1. Bottom is not flat...there's off-center glass imperfections in the bottom making magnetic stir plate use noisy.
2. 2000 ml line is not accurate (1000ml line was accurate).
3. 2000 ml level is at the mid-point of the flask. The flask itself will take take about 2500ml to the top, so it's larger than expected. The one pictured looks like it will only take 2100ml or so.

(Posted on 1/18/11)
Happy with Flask so Far Review by Raspsu1
As some other have said, it is pretty thin glass and you'd need to be careful with handling and storage. I used the side range on my outside grill to boil (have an electric stove) and put it right in an ice bath with no issues. The model i received did have a 1000 ml mark so no issue there. (Posted on 10/31/10)
Works as advertised but cheap glass Review by Patrick
Broke it after about a month of use. If you do get this flask, be very careful with it. I'm going to just get a Pyrex flask which looks much thicker. (Posted on 10/18/10)
works great Review by ghray
can take this flask straight from flame to ice water with no problem. we use this on a gas stove and have had no problems. it's easy to air lock. we use the 2000 for high gravity beers and lagers and this one is good for a great start with ales. (Posted on 8/28/10)
Flask broke during cooling Review by JP in Idaho
This flask is definitely not top quality glassware. Boiling on an electric stove is not recommended, and for good reason. The wort burns to the bottom. This is not a problem with the Pyrex brand flasks as they have a much smoother bottom. To avoid burning the wort to the bottom, I used a small camping stove to do my boil, which worked fine until the flask broke as I immersed it in the cooling bath. Bummer. I'd recommend buying a Pyrex brand flask from someone who sells them and using a wire gauze between the flask and the burner while boiling. (Posted on 7/6/10)
It's a flask Review by John
The only reason I went with the 4 stars was because my flask wasn't as pictured on the website. The flask I received was only graduated at 800, 1200, 1600, and 2000 ml, so for a 1000 ml starter your going to either have to use another measuring device or do some estimation. Otherwise yes it is a big flask and boils a starter well. Just watch for boil-overs. (Posted on 5/20/10)

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