Showcase Series

Cellar Craft's most distinctive and unique creations have been selected to carry the Showcase Collection banner. Their distinction may come from breakthrough technology, such as crushed grape packs or a unique two-stage oaking system; best-of-the-vintage Limited Release status; unique regional wines, usually vineyard-designated, reflecting distinctive character; or simply any wine which reflects a new level of excellence or discovery for the wine hobbyist. The demanding criteria for a Showcase wine means that they may be in limited supply or isolated to a specific vintage. The level of excellence may require extra processing steps and, while designed to be bottle-ready in as little as 6 weeks, may require lengthier processing and cellaring time to show at their peak. With vineyard-specific sourcing, Showcase wines will reflect subtle, and not so subtle differences from vintage to vintage. Vintage variations are part of the intrigue and charm of small-lot, estate wines. All Showcase wines are proudly presented as being wines which we believe the most ardent wine enthusiast would be rewarded in discovering.

Showcase reds include crushed grape packs! Cellar Craft uses over 12 pounds of virgin, varietal grapes to produce "Crushed Grape Packs" for true, on-the-skins fermentation in its Showcase reds. All of the natural skins and solids from variety-specific grapes are captured for extra extraction of aromatics, flavor, tannin, color, and body during the fermentation stage.

Showcase red kits contain 18L; Showcase white kits contain 16L, and both yield 6 gallons of wine.