Wyeast 1272 American Ale II

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Wyeast 1272 American Ale II is fruitier and more flocculant than Wyeast 1056, slightly nutty, soft, clean, slightly tart finish.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Wyeast 1272 American Ale II - Beer Yeast


This yeast strain has an apparent attenuation: 72-76%. Flocculation: high. Optimum temp: 60°-72° F

Additional Information

Manufacturer Wyeast
Yeast Format Liquid
Yeast Type Ale
Yeast Origin/Influence USA
Min Fermenting Temp 60
Max Fermenting Temp 72
Flocculation High
Min Attenuation % 72
Max Attenuation % 76

Customer Reviews

Good stuff!! Review by Chris
I like wyeast because you able to verfiy that it is working with the smack pack. I have used the white labs but I like to know ahead time before I pick it. I have good results with there product. (Posted on 1/6/14)
Great all purpose yeast Review by Mr2beers
I have used this yeast for a variety of American style ales with good results. Flocculates better than 1056 as advertised making for a clear finished product. Great alternative to Wyeast 1056. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Great for Low ABV Pale Ales Review by Alexander
I have used this strain about 10 times for 4.5-5.0% pale ale recipes and it gives a more fruity profile to the finished beer than some other ale strains I've used. This is now my preferred yeast for simcoe and chinook based beers. It always finishes at 1.006-1.010 with a starting gravity of ~1.044 and I think it ferments best in the low 60 degree range. I haven't had any problems with off flavors in the low 70's either which was a problem during the summer for other yeast I've tried. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Great yeast Review by Brendon
brewed with the west coast ipa, came out great (Posted on 12/18/13)
Great Yeast Review by Twah
This yeast always performs great. Make a starter and it starts working nearly instantly in the wort. Love Wyeast Yeast! (Posted on 12/17/13)
Nice! Review by Jon
Great west coast yeast with a bit more character than 1056. (Posted on 12/9/13)
Really Impressive Review by Jeff
I used this with my winter pumpkin ale brew and it turned out fantastically, would definitely recommend this yeast for any Ale. (Posted on 12/5/13)
Something different Review by Jon
1056/ us-05 ...... I wanted to give this a spin. GREAT West Coast yeast! (Posted on 11/23/13)
Complements hops Review by Aaron
I use this yeast in my IPA recipe. I like how it complements the fruitiness of the hops I use, Simcoe, centennial, and cascade. My only complaint is the last pack I ordered was 3 months old. (Posted on 11/22/13)
Great yeast. Review by G-man
I used the 1272 with the Irish red kit. The beer turned out awesome. Will definitely be using this yeast again. (Posted on 10/16/13)
Good performance Review by Tim
Clean taste and ferments quickly. I use a stirred starter and usually have a lag time of < 4 hours. (Posted on 10/15/13)
A clean ale yeast with notes of tart fruit Review by brian
This yeast should be a standard for american ales. It finishes clean with notes of tart fruit on the back of the tongue. This is definitely a recommended strain for ale needs. (Posted on 10/8/13)
Groovy yeast Review by ecotrent
I use this everytime on my Black IPA and I love the way it works with my hop recipe. Will use on this beer forever. Boom. (Posted on 10/8/13)
Can't go wrong Review by Diana
This yeast is my go-to choice when I'm looking to highlight other ingredients in my beer, but also don't want a yeast that necessarily takes a back seat. I've used it in a Pumpkin Brown and an Imperial Breakfast Stout and was an excellent choice in both cases. I'd definitely recommend this reliable and well-rounded yeast. (Posted on 9/22/13)
Favorite yeast strain Review by Lawrence
1272 is my go-to strain for all around ales. I have been using this strain in my pale ales, IPAs, porters, stouts, strong ales, you name it. Very clean, versatile, and works at a wide range of temperatures while still showing consistent, predictable results. A+ (Posted on 9/10/13)
Great overall Ale Yeast Review by Andrew
This strain is great for IPAs, Pale ales and anything for which you want a medium body and clean finish. I use it for most of my brews and really enjoy it (Posted on 8/28/13)
A very solid yeast Review by Scott
I have used Wyeast 1056 many, many times over the years. I found 1272 to be very similar expect this yeast seems to produce slightly brighter beers. There is no downside to using 1272 if you are happy with 1056 or US-05. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Favorite Yeast Review by Drew
This versatile yeast is capable of producing many different types of beers, and has a voracious appetite for sugar at a pretty wide spectrum of temperatures (though I've had best luck at 68). I've always had vigorous fermentation with this yeast, with a blow-off tube being required. To my palette, it leaves a citrusy, and perhaps floral, note. The best yeast out there for an IPA, in my opinion. (Posted on 8/5/13)
The subtle Fruity Review by Daniel
This yeast compliments any hops with citrus or tropical fruit notes very well. Now over powering but accentuating. (Posted on 7/12/13)
American Imperial Stout Review by Jared
I had used this yeast before for a barley wine and of course it was amazing. I live in Beer USA and so I have been exposed to some not so ordinary beers. This, on top of watching brewing tv, got me inspired to try something different. I made a 5 gallon imperial stout and split the two. I used a traditional Irish yeast for one and 1272 in the other. So far everyone has preferred the 1272 version. Awesome Stuff! (Posted on 4/10/13)
Great yeast - Accurate Description Review by Bob
This yeast performed just as described. I wanted to use a yeast that would ferment well and produce slight fruit and tart flavor for a pale ale I was making. The pale ale turned out perfect, spot on. The slight fruit and tartness this yeast produced was subtle, not at all overwhelming and the yeast really coplimented the citra and amarillo hops I used in the pale ale. This is one of my new favorites and I will definitely be using it again. (Posted on 9/14/12)
Clean but (nicely) fruity Review by Joshua
I fermented at 70-72 degrees on a bitter red with lots of chinook hops and Special B malt. This beer finishes clean but has a wonderful tart strawberry character. Flocculated better than 1056, too. Lovely! (Posted on 8/29/12)
My Favorite Review by Michael
I used this on my second batch, and after experimenting with other strains, this has become my "House" strain. Its relatively clean, but does produce some flavor. Produces pretty clear beers. Highly recommend it. (Posted on 6/20/11)
Good Stuff Review by Jfrank
Did a rye pale ale with this yeast about a month back. I did a hop burst with about 2 oz of citra and chinook hops and this yeast complimented it very well! The fruity tartness pulls alot of mango taste from the citra. Plus the slight spice of the rye melded well with the fruity back end. I would recommend to anyone who wants to brew an APA or IPA with citrusy/fruity qualities. (Posted on 4/26/11)
Very Good Yeast Review by HoppppBoy
I used this yeast for 10 generations of APA this summer. Great flavor, clean w/ a touch of fruitness. (Posted on 12/2/10)
quick ferment, stellar clear Review by Sultan of Suds
quick ferment, stellar clear, neutral, and I like the smell of lighter beers better than 1056 (Posted on 10/18/10)
Cleaner than 1056 Review by Mike
A friend of mine made 10 gallons of beer and split it into two different fermenters. One had the American Ale 1056 and one had the American Ale II 1272. We both agreed the 1272 was a better overall yeast compared to the 1056. Plus the fermentation started sooner and seemed to attenuate more.

Check out all the notes on my blog if your interested.

<a href="http://mikesbrewreview.com/american-ale-1056-vs-american-ale-ii-1272">American Ale 1056 vs American Ale II 1272</a> (Posted on 4/11/10)

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