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Smashing Pumpkin 15 oz Hourglass

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Do you find yourself on a nightly quest for your missing head? Do you feel it may have been replaced with a pumpkin? If so, we've got the glass for you.

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Smashing Pumpkin 15 oz Hourglass

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  • Smashing Pumpkin 15 oz Hourglass
  • Smashing Pumpkin 15 oz Hourglass
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This beautifully tapered hourglass is perfect for pouring a heady pint of your spookiest libation. The flared opening allows for a full suffusion of flavor and aroma, whether it's a delicate balancing act between malt and spices, or a more sinister blood-red Vienna lager. Perhaps your finest Max Schreck-devotional American strong ale would feel more at home. Remember, presentation is half the battle - no matter how sinister the liquid. The hourglass is an elegant shape that emphasizes the presentation of the beer. The curved shape creates a disparity in the distance light has to pass through the beer, casing variation in the perceived color, revealing the myriad hues trapped within. The flared top sports an ample head, and helps to concentrate aromas. The hourglass is a fantastic choice for showcasing color and putting your beer on display. Great for American Pale, Amber, and Brown ales, as well as Pale and Amber Lagers, Cream and Blonde Ales.
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