On Tap in the Northern Brewer Taproom

At Northern Brewer, we’re all about the beer! Beer recipes, beer equipment and best of all …Beer Brewing. We have Brewmasters brewing every day. Experimenting with new ingredients. Pushing the limits of the art of brewing. We always have a selection of these science experiments on tap. Our team samples them, evaluates them and gives a thumbs up or down. And we all enjoy a pint after a hard day’s work.

We thought you’d enjoy following our What’s on Tap list. It’s a great way to preview what might soon be released to the public. Be the first to know, and check back often.

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Whats on tap at northern brewer in our tap room

Jamil's Evil Twin® IPA Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains Saison Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains Surly Brewing Co