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Accumash™ Water Treatment


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Patent-Pending Brewing Additive for Perfect Water Chemistry

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It’s all about the water—the single most important ingredient to making style-specific beer. Accumash™ alters your strike water profile to deliver the perfect pH and mineral/ion content for each batch. It’s as simple as stirring it into your mash right after the grain.

Note: Accumash™ is designed for use with distilled or RO water and in your mash only. Do not use with spring water or tap water.

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Product Details

Based on the intended color, original gravity and flavor profile of your beer, a single Accumash™ packet ensures optimal sugar extraction, yeast performance and flavor balance. You’ll eliminate off-flavors and achieve your expected alcohol level, hop presence and body without the guesswork and hassle of water preparation. Accumash™ makes it effortless to brew the perfect beer, every time.

Flavor profile options are Hoppy, Balanced, or Malty.

Note: Accumash™ is designed for use with distilled or RO water in your mash. Do not use with spring water or tap water.

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To much money for calcium carbonate!
This is a lot of $ for chemicals, read palmers book and do it yourself. Take your tap water to pool place for analysis and adjust your tap water chemistry accordingly and save in distilled water purchase as well
March 8, 2018
2 months ago
I used it again... and I liked it.
Since I couldn't edit my other review (RonnieG) here is another one. As directed I mixed the contents of the packet into 1 pound of milled grain and mixed by hand in a bowl. I heated my strike water to the desired mash temp and dumped that pound of grain in it and mixed well. After 5-10 minutes I dumped the rest of the grains and stirred well. First PH measurement at 10 minutes was 5.32 and the second measurement at around 45-50 minutes was still 5.32. Great efficiency and awesome clean fermentation. My last batch using accumash got me a second place in competition surely this one will get the gold.
December 14, 2016
It seems to work very well considering I have terrible tap water. I just bottled my last brew which was the first time I used Accumash and it tastes much smoother and less minarlly.
October 6, 2016
Works as advertised But Overpriced.
Although pricey this made my brew day simple. Just use RO water and add this to the mash 1 package for a 5 gallon batch. I used this to make a Blonde Ale and entered that beer into competition and finished with a silver medal. I've had good results with this my only complaint is I wish it were half the price.
May 25, 2016
Can't edit reviews?
Out of curiosity I re-calibrated my PH meter and it was off by about a point, not sure how that happens but it did. So anyway to counter my own review below I'm not sure if the PH was correct or not. Either way I probably won't be spending $10 a brew session for this product, that's 33% of my last grain bill.
April 19, 2016
I traded a few emails with the company that makes this stuff because there are zero instructions on how much of this stuff to use. They tell me each packet is for 5 gallons, which I was assuming, but it isn't written anywhere except a review here. After sharing my recipe with them they said two packets were needed for my 12 gallon batch, fit dropped the PH to 4 and I had to add baking soda to bring it back up. Going to try adding it to the mash next time a teaspoon at a time since I have two more packets to use up. I think this product needs a lot more refining and direction to justify $10 on my grain bill. Will not purchase again.
April 13, 2016
Response from Northern Brewer
Let us know if we can help! Cheers.
November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer
Adam S.
I was skeptical, but when used with distilled or reverse osmosis water as recommended, it has reliably improved my mash efficiency. However, it's overpriced. $2.50 would be a more reasonable price point since there's probably less than 25 cents worth of raw materials in there, and would likely result in more people using it regularly.
March 25, 2016
So far so good.
BTW I have no idea what kind of review Cyndi H. just posted here...Baffles me. Anyway... I used it as directed and my mash was consistently stable at 5.45 all through the mash. The resulting beer was very crisp and clean. However, the mix that I order was supposed to have a hoppy finish which I didn't get... maybe after some bulk age and self-cleaning the hops will come out a little more. So far so good.... we will see in a couple of weeks.
November 17, 2015
Response from Northern Brewer
Thanks for the review!
November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer
Order change
I messed my order up by not choosing my grains to be left uncrushed, so I called to see if there was still time to change it. There was and come to find out I accidentally ordered an extract kit when I wanted an all grain kit. The gentleman was very polite and helped make my mistakes correct. I always love doing business with Northern Brewer! You guys rock!!! Thanks for being awesome!!! Scott Heighland
October 1, 2015
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My apologies regarding my last question, the product I was referring to was 5.2 Mash PH Stabilizer, can Accumash Water Treatment be utilized in conjunction the 5.2 Mash PH Stabilizer or is it a replacement for it?
Mike S. on Jan 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: As I understand it, accumash would serve as a replacement. The company guarantees ph levels between 5.2-5.7 so you should not need additional support. They recommend the use of either purified or distilled water. If you use tap water I don't believe the ph range is guaranteed
Do you need to use RO or distilled water for the sparge phase or just during the mash phase?
A shopper on Mar 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have used both tap water that I boiled and cooled to sparge temp and distilled water. I didn't find a noticeable difference, but our local water ranges from soft to semi-hard and is fairly balanced. If your local water profile is icky, I'd use RO or distilled for spargjng.
I brew quite a few extract batches that include mashing some specialty grains prior to boil/extract addition. Can Accumash be used for the grains or will there be issues when extract is added?
A shopper on Mar 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: If you are using RO or distilled water. Then you would want to use the ACCUmash. It puts back the mineral's that the RO or distilling took out. Giving you the proper balance for your style of beer. its all about the water.
Is the product designed for brewing 5 gallon batches? I make 3 gallon all-grain batches and am curious if I should use 3/5 of the packet?
J G on Mar 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the packet is for a five gallon batch size. Make sure you shake the packet really well before you measure out 3/5. The larger particals tend fall to the bottom. Good luck and cheers
First all grain batch coming up this Saturday. I'm trying this product on the fly because I haven't had time to dial into my water chemistry just yet. I understand that accumash is to be mixed into the mash strike water using RO or distilled water. Does this mean the rest of the brewing process (hot water for mashout and sparge water) must use distilled or RO water to ensure the effectiveness of the product or would tap water be fine?
T W on Jan 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: To get the right concentrations all water used should be distilled or RO water. Good luck on the batch, we'll be here to help if needed!
Can Accumash be used with PH5 Stabilizer or is this a replacement for PH5?
Mike S. on Jan 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I?ve used Accumash several times now, & I have found that yes it places you in the 5.2-5.7 range almost always. So there is no need for PH5
This may help it is from accu-mash.com,
ACCUmash is designed to put your mash pH in the desired pH range (5.2-5.7 at room temperature) and as close as possible to the range for the desired subcategory. There is a small chance that your mash pH may end outside of the desired 5.2-5.7. In the event this occurs, you can rest assured a small acid or base adjustment will bring the pH back in, but all the needed components are included in ACCUmash to ensure the correct taste, aroma, and yeast nutrients for the style of beer you are brewing.
I'm all grain and I heat/handle mash and sparge waters separately, do they both need treating before the boil?
B S on Nov 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thanks for the question! I recommend adding the salts to the mash water. You may want to acidify the sparge water so it is below 6 pH but it does not need to be treated. This way the sale will flow into the boil kettle and the resulting water will have the right proportions. I hope this helps! Cheers! James J.
What's more important , the color or the OG? I have a brown ale at 28 SRM and 1.045. I also have an O'fest at 12 SRM and 1.060. So which packets do I need?
A shopper on Jul 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I would first try to match the color. Specialty malts tend to have a greater impact on the mash.
How many gallons of water does each packet treat and what are the recommendations when the OG Exceeds 1.090?
A D on Dec 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hello Mr Brown,

Thank you for choosing Northern Brewer! This product is not to be added directly to water. It is to be added during the mash, and in doing so, it is capable of producing the proper mineral levels in the beer for a 5 gallon batch of wort. I hope that this helps, have a wonderful day!
Which water is the best option and will give you better results Distilled or RO?
B A on Sep 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The processes of distilling and RO water are really just two different ways to accomplish the same thing

so either will work equally as well with Accumash.
Can 3 stage filtration water be used?? The two final states is .5 micron (carbon & carbon/MTBE-Clorine-=order-lead-VOCs) removal.
bob b on Sep 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Accumash is designed to work with as close to pure H2O as you can get. Unfortunately carbon filtration doesn't even come close to that. Reverse Osmosis water is really best for this product.
Can accumash be used with non sparge systems (breweasy, biab, etc) where total water volume is used instead of just mash volume?
Adam S on Sep 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thanks for the great question! Accumash can be used in this fashion. Only use distiller water for your brewing water and add the accumash to the actual mash. This would still give you the correct mineral and salt profile in the resulting brew and will buffer its pH to the correct range still.

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