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Ace of Spades Black IPA Extract Kit


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Got to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to rack ‘em.

Feeling Lucky? Then ante up and get in on the biggest game in town…Ace of Spades Black IPA beer kit. This is no ordinary homebrew.

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Ace of Spades Black IPA

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  • Ace of Spades Black IPA Beer Kit
Product Details
The deck is stacked with a whole lotta hops. Four of a kind, in fact – Magnum, Chinook, Centennial and Citra. And get ready for the bluff, because this session brew drinks lighter than it appears. You won’t find roasted coffee or bittersweet chocolate here, just smooth malty caramel with a touch of toast, and an intense hop presence with pine, citrus and fruity notes that stand no chance of getting lost in the shuffle. Play your cards right? There’s no way to play them wrong with this kit. Any way you brew it, you’ll be coming up aces.
Additional Information
Beer Kit Yield5 Gallons
Recipe and InstructionsClick Here for Ace of Spades Black IPA Brewing Instructions
Regional StyleUSA
Original Gravity1068
Total Time to Make6 weeks
4.9 / 5.0
90 Reviews
5 Stars
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1 Stars
GREAT beer
I REALLY enjoy the hop character of this beer. Even though it's dark as the ace of spades, to me it's refreshing tasting and definitely not too heavy. One of my favorites
December 10, 2017
5 months ago
Excellent - well balanced & flavorful
Deviated a bit from the recipe (4.5 gallons vs 5 - added some rye). Great flavor profile and body. Now one of planned repeats.
December 3, 2017
5 months ago
Dark Gold
Brewed this and let sit for 6 or so weeks and it was good. It has been in the bottle for 7 months now and it is great!
November 24, 2017
1 year ago
Hands down my number one
This beer is absolutely fantastic. Although it is an IPA, It is not bitter what so ever. Also the look is very deceiving and my father in law said "why the hell would you give me this" when I poured him a glass and he agrees this is his favorite. The beer is very hoppy with a strong hop aroma and flavor. I must say I only dabble with the relatively cheap beers, so I cannot comment on the headdy topper clone or some of the more expensive kits, but I can easily say I would purchase this at a local store for $10/6 pack. I also have no problem wolfing down a sixer in one sitting as these never seem to get old. I will say I am more of a hop flavor fan than a bitter beer fan so that may play a significant role in my liking for this beer. It also pours very clear even with only 3 weeks sitting in a primary.
November 24, 2017
5 months ago
This is the one to get.
I just left a less than positive review for another kit, so I feel compelled to balance that out with a shout out to my favorite NB kit of all. This beer is outstanding. The dry hop additions work their magic, and you get the perfect IPA flavor. For the price, the Ace of Spades has no equal.
October 18, 2017
6 months ago
Very nice dark. Very heavy sediment. Use a flocculent
October 13, 2017
1 year ago
Everything looked great when it came. The brewing process went well. I can not wait to sample the brew. I have been a Northern brewer customer for years and would recommend them to anyone.
September 3, 2017
5 months ago
A winning hand of malt and hops
This is an exceptional ale. It starts malty and ends hoppy, and it has an incredibly creamy head. This brew appeals to both those who prefer malty ales and those who favor hoppy IPA's. My first batch went quickly. My second batch is in the secondary and it will be ready for the autumn. It's a crowd pleaser. Well done, Northern Brewer!
August 3, 2017
6 months ago
Excellently satisfying
I've been brewing for about 10 years and this kit so far has been the best yet
July 26, 2017
6 months ago
OK, but nothing special. bland taste.
having a minimum character length is really silly if you ask me ...
July 17, 2017
1 year ago
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Would I overwhelm the flavors if I add a hazelnut extract? I want to get that hazelnut coffee flavor mixed with the piney flavor of the hops but I don't want the flavors to outshine one another, I want them to marry well
Conner L on Dec 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Suppose you could give it a try. I will say this though, this is a solid Black IPA with excellent hopping and flavor. I have brewed it twice already and it is by far my favorite. That being said, perhaps adding the hazelnut might deepen it up a little, but it would probably taste more like a hazelnut porter with a punch of hoppyness. Suggestion, maybe buy yourself a bottle if black IPA and add a touch of hazelnut just to give yourself an idea of how the flavors might mingle. Just a thought. Again, I am a huge fan of Ace, so I personally wouldn't alter this recipe too much. Hope this is helpful!
I dry hopped this brew and forgot about it. Been sitting in secondary for about 4 months after dry hopping. Should I add another round of hops before bottling? Has too much time passed for the flavor to be right?
Tara T on Jun 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Tara-- don't know what might have happened to the flavor over 4 months....seems like a long time to let it sit on the yeast, but I'm no expert there. I brewed this a while back (and have another kit coming up soon) and really liked it. Made per the directions, it isn't overly hoppy. You get the hops in the nose, but they don't dominate the flavor like some of the lighter IPAs do. So part of your decision might be based on that-- if you want it to be pretty hoppy, then add some dry hops.

Do you have a (sanitized) way to pull a small sample and taste it first? That might be your best guide.

Sorry I can't be more helpful...good luck!
Dry hopped and forgot about this brew. Been sitting in secondary for about 4 months after dry hopping. Should I dry hop again before bottling or has this sat around too long?
A shopper on Jun 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I would go ahead and keg/bottle. Then I would get a designated calendar that you keep for brewing. Keep your notes for when to dry hop/bottle/secondary etc. Then you can glance at this from time to time. If you have not already put numbers on your brewing bottles buckets or whatever. Then you do not get them mixed if you have multiple batches going. Ace of Spades is always a great brew and crowd pleaser.
my og was only 1.060 and it says it should be 1.068 trying to figure out where I went wrong?
A shopper on Jan 3, 2017
I did this brew in July of 2015. I ended up with O.G. 1.072 When steeping grains I raised the temperature to 154 than put grains ln and held temperature between 150-155 for 45 minutes than removed grains. When boiling wort keep it at a low boil with the pot covered. this helps to prevent evaporation. after transfering Your wort to the fermenter take a gravity reading before adding water than add water little at time and checking each time until You get where You want to be making sure You don't go over 5 gallons.
I hope this helps You out. otherwise 1.060 is not bad. Good luck
How much water should I start in a full boil - 8 gallon pot - to end up with 5 gallons at the end of te boil?
R I on Aug 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This will vary based on the burner you are using, but a good rule of thumb is 1 gallon of evaporation per hour. You would likely want to start with 6 gallons.
I am wondering what the differences are between this kit and the Black IPA kit. They seem like they would almost be the same beer.
K E on Jan 15, 2016

Good question. Both kits are in the same style, so there are a lot of similarities. However the differences are:

(a) type of malt and other fermentables used

(b) types of hops used

(c) hopping schedule

Here are the recipes and instructions for each:




What should the FG of this recipe be? I ended up around 1.02 after four weeks, which seemed a bit high.
G E on Jan 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: My OG was 1.076 abd FG was 1.016, which is about what I would expect. Taste was great, just finished the keg. My fermentation is usually done in a few days. Only thing I can think of is maybe you boiled down below 5 gallons. That will make the wort thicker.
Does any one know the IBU rating of this beer?
A shopper on Nov 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Based on an online IBU calculator, if you start with a 7 gallon boil volume, ending up with 5.5 gallons, using just the boiling hops in the equation, your range should be 85 - 89 IBU’s
What temperature is this best to ferment at? The instructions included don't give a specific range. The reason I ask is I have a fermentation cooler I made that can keep a constant temp with 2 degree variance.
A shopper on Nov 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Hi there,
This is dependent on the yeast. If you look at the instructions, it gives you the range for each yeast. I have copy and pasted what we say in the instructions:

DRY YEAST (DEFAULT): Safale US-05 Ale Yeast.
Optimum temp: 59–75° F
Wyeast 1056 American Ale. Optimum temp: 60–72° F
White Labs WLP001 California Ale. Optimum temp: 68–73° F

Hope that helps! Cheers!
what do you think of drying hopping toasted coconut to this recipe? would the coconut flavor clash with the hops??? i made a coconut milk stoudt this past year and it turned out great. I thought the same thing might work with a black ipa.
eric p on Aug 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: yeah. It's pretty hoppy. Maybe if you lighten the hops.
What should the schedule be if you want to keg. Beer has been in primary for a week & bubbling is at 1/minute. Should I transfer to 2ndary soon? Then I was planning on leaving it in 2ndary for 2-3wks, w/ dry hopping during that time. Cold crashing, gelatin & then force carbonating. So is 4-5wks total a reasonable schedule? : ) Thanks - Angie
A N on May 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You should give that beer, like most beers 2 weeks in primary. Then secondary for 2-3 weeks, cold crash, and carbonate. 4-5 weeks is definitely a good time frame for that beer. I hope that this helps!

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