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Blichmann HopBlocker - Hop Filtration System


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This innovative item from Blichmann Engineering is able to filter out 90-95% of pellet hops without getting clogged or stuck! Reduce the debris entering your pump and plate chiller while getting clearer wort in the fermentor.

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Blichmann HopBlocker

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  • Blichmann HopBlocker
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Product Details
This innovative item from Blichmann Engineering is able to filter out 90-95% of pellet hops without getting clogged or stuck! The HopBlocker features two stages of filtration, the first a coarse filter that draws liquid from above the level of the hop sediment, and the second a fine filter for the thick liquid at the bottom of the kettle. Simply whirlpool your wort, drain until you get close to the bottom, and then pull up the screen using a hook to engage the fine filter. User needs to supply a hook to pull up the screen and a mash paddle or similar object to hold the Hopblocker down with while doing so.

Made for use with the Blichmann Boilermaker kettles, those who have other brands of kettles will have to supply a 90 degree angle dip tube on a compression fitting. Works best on flat bottomed kettles. Measures 5.625" tall by 3.75" wide at base.
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Been using mine for eight years on every batch
After eight years, I'm still using this on every seven gallon batch. It works great for everything from 1oz of hops to a hopbursted IPA with ten ounces. With ten gallon batches and my cooling method, I could never get the classic "cone" from chilling.

My method with the Hop Blocker: After chilling, allow the wort to settle for about 30 mins. Drain at 1/2 speed. Dump the first 1/4 gallon that comes out, as it will be trube and hops, after this you should have clear wort (if you also used whirfloc).
Once the wort in the kettle gets low enough, raise the screen, don't stop draining while you do this. Stop draining once you have enough or see trub being picked up from the bottom.

It's a pretty genius design, fluid dynamics in action. It leaves heavier stuff behind and drains clear wort, down to about 1/2 out of seven.
March 19, 2018
Not worth it
I use a Top Tier brewing setup with all Blichmann equipment. I thought this was a more elegant method than a bulky SS hop spider. After several trial batches, I don't see the value. A ton of hop material gets in during the boil, defeating the purpose. Not using this devise and allowing the wort to settle is just as effective and doesn't add another piece of equipment to clean when done with the brew day. Whirl pooling is still the most effective method. Keep your money. This is a gimmick in my opinion.
January 29, 2018
Game changer
It was a little hard to get it on there (I have a 55 gallon electric boilermaker) and it's hard to get off, which makes cleaning a pain. But it's a total game-changer. Using it for country wines, and it didn't let a single shred of beet out the spigot, and I still got all of the must. Great product
October 10, 2015
Good not Great
So this works great to reduce the hops and trub, but I still have issues with it. I have no issues until I start to reach the bottom and move the screen, then the trub messes with the amount of pressure so you have to adjust the valve to keep the liquid moving. If you the liquid come out too fast then the liquid in the blocker will run out before the kettle is drained and you're f'd. Normally I end with about 1 to 1/2 gallon left. Currently that's enough for my mesh basket to handle so it's worth it.
October 6, 2014
4 out of 5- Glad I bought it.
I used my Hop Blocker for the fourth time last night, Ive been relatively pleased. My only complaint being that 2 of the 4 times Ive used it there seems to have been 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon of wort left in the kettle. That may however be due to other equipment slowing things down or operator error. Ill have to do some experimenting to identify the cause. I think it'd work better with a pump. I had originally read some of the negative reviews and refrained from buying it for awhile, and although its my least fav Blichmann product I own I'm glad a bought it and it has been an effective filter for me.
July 17, 2013
Not worth it
Used it with whole hops last night. Plugged up. Will not use again.
May 16, 2012
Decent but not worth the price
I need to start this review out by saying that I really love many of Blichmann's products. I bought this to replace the original screen from the Blichmann Boilermaker. The original screen clogged very easily and so I was hoping this would be a better solution. I have not found this to be the case. I think Blichmann missed the mark with this product.1. This device simply doesn't clear much break material unless you whirlpool and allow time to settle. At this point you could pull from the edge anyway, so why spent the $60 to do this? Not to mention the hops that are already lodged inside the blocker.2. Works decently for whole hops but isn't great for pellet at all. Same complaints as others who have posted.3. While it isn't very hard to install this unit, it isn't trivial either. I'm not even sure that it is worth the time. Sew together some stainless mesh in a pancake shape and put this over your dip-tube. While it may take a few minutes to accomplish this, I can promise it will be cheaper and work better than the hop blocker.
February 14, 2012
works well but must follow directions closely
This works with pellet hops, even when they are not bagged. The key is to be patient and toallow sufficient time for the hops to settle to the bottom, which on my boilermaker probably takes 20-30 minutes. Whirlpooling definitely helps..the other key point is to drain the kettle very very slowly so the settled hops are not disturbed.
November 16, 2011
Dont bother wasting $60 to experiment. I have 15gal Blichmann pots I have tried it with. It simply does NOT block the hops as advertised. I use a disenfected large stainless mesh filter that spans my buckets and I get 80-90% of the hops straight away AND there isn't any wasted beer left in the pot.. I was very pleased with all my Blichmann products until this one.
November 10, 2011
Better and Cheaper Options Available
I first reviewed this item back in July 2010 (See Below). I did not like the product because it did not work that well without a whirlpool, and it is hard to get a whirlpool going. You will see that this is a common concern for all of the reviews. Also, my installation was more or less permanent -- I am not using a Boildermaker Kettler -- so it requiered a fairly complex disasembly for proper cleaning. Long story short - I had mold growing on the underside of the hop blocker. What I do now is I use a hop sock constructed of a 6 inch PVC Pipe for a mouth ring, supported by 3/4 PVC Pipe. To this is attached a paint straining bag. It really works great at keeping my hops out of the finished product -- and the total cost is less than $20 -- considerably less than the hopblocker. Try the hop sock and you will not be disappointed.
April 6, 2011
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I thinking of moving from a 10 gal. Boilermaker with immersion chiller and hop spider to a 15 gal. Boilermaker with same immersion chiller and hop stopper. I will have 5.5" from the inside wall of the pot to the chiller coil. Is this enough room for the hop blocker and screen lift handle? Maybe the lift handle be oriented to the left or right instead of toward the center of the pot?

Michael G on Jul 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have a 15 gal boilermaker with a hopblocker. I just measured the inside of mine and if the handle of the hopblocker is spun about 90 degrees so that it is not facing the center of the kettle, it measures almost exactly 5 1/2", maybe a hair more. So it may be a little tight for you to get that immersion chiller in there. Hope that helps!
Does it really filter the fine hop pieces - not the plugs or whole leaves? The holes look large!
Jeffrey L on May 22, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The holes are fairly large, however we were using a custom mesh with much smaller holes previously and ran into all sorts of trouble. This actually works much better.
will this work with the dip tube on the 15g Edmental kettle?
V A on Dec 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The Blichmann HopBlocker is not compatible with the dip tube on Edelmetall or Megapot kettles.

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