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Blichmann TopTier Modular Brewing Stand


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The TopTier brew stand from Blichmann Engineering is a completely modular design compatible with brewpots from all manufacturers, converted kegs, and round or rectangular coolers. Select the configuration that works best for your homebrew system and beer brewing techniques. Brew a batch on the most versatile sculpture around!

John Blichmann describes the features and benefits of the TopTier stand in a short video.

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Product Details

The TopTier is the next generation of brewstand! A completely modular design that is compatible with brewpots from all manufacturers, converted kegs, and round or rectangular coolers. Awesome flexibility at an unbeatable price, plus it ships FedEx ground – not by truck!

The black powder coated legs, 100% stainless steel burner frames and support structure, and anodized aluminum post are not only attractive but designed to last a lifetime. Since the shelf/burner locations are infinitely adjustable and can be placed on all four sides of the main support post, your TopTier will grow with you as your brewing techniques, equipment, and batch sizes evolve over your lifetime.

Due to its versatility, the TopTier is sold by components – you choose the configuration that works best for your system and brewing techniques. Purchase the base stand and add the desired quantity of burners or shelves for each of the three tiers.

About TopTier burners: Blichmann Engineering has done extensive testing and tuning of the TopTier burners, regulators, orifices, and wind guards to maximize efficiency and improve flame stability outdoors. The result is a burner that is whisper quiet, uses less fuel, and heats significantly faster than any similar burner on the market! And it’s virtually impossible to flame-out in windy conditions. Add features like the ability to safely support a keg, safety retaining bars for brewpots, a hole in the burner frame for ignition, a quality adjustable regulator for fine tuning the flame, and stainless braided hose, and you have the ultimate homebrewing burner.

Update: September 1, 2009. Blichmann Engineering has sourced fittings for the gas manifold. Effective immediately, all stands and burner tiers will ship with a black iron tee, brass flare adapter for each tier, and a plug to cap off the top of the manifold. You will only have to provide the straight lengths of pipe which are readily available in a variety of lengths - or you can piece together with couplings. Alternately, many home improvement and hardware stores will cut and thread your pipe to length for free or for a small fee.

Additionally, the pipe size has been changed from 3/8" to 1/2", which should be easier to locate; and the manual has been updated with many detailed pics and suggestions for typical installations. For an instructional video on setting up your TopTier Modular Brewing Stand, Click Here!

How to Order a TopTier Buy the base stand. The base includes: legs, main support post, 3 pairs of shelf arms (to support the burners/shelves), regulator, wheel kit and hardware. Add tiers Mix and match, up to three tiers total. Tiers can be burners or shelves – if you brew with two coolers and a kettle, choose two shelves (for the coolers) and a burner (for the kettle). If your HLT and mash/lauter tun are kettles or converted kegs, choose three burners to direct-fire all vessels. Both types of tiers include hardware to mount them to the base stand. Burners include a stainless flex hose; you will need to provide 1/2” pipe to make a gas manifold to hook them up to your fuel source. Add extra equipment such as the Pump Mounting Bracket or Utility Stand. Submit your order

This item ships directly from the manufacturer and takes 1-3 weeks for delivery.

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Great piece of equipment
Pros: 1. Great quality 2. rather small footprint for brew area 3. nice add onsCon: 1. not the easiest to move around 2. not enough room to really attach all Blichmann products, unless extreme fore thought is given, and willing to take everything apart to reconfigure new layout. 3. No quick connects to attach new equipment, i.e. plate chiller, hop rocket, etc.All in all, a very impressive unit, and really is built to last. I would reccomend any brewer give this a look. Just have an idea what you want your end brewery to look like and function. look at other peoples set up configurations and that should be a good start. Happy Brewing!
June 13, 2015
Great set up!
If you have been thinking about getting this system, stop thinking and pull the trigger!I've had my Top Tier system now for almost 3 years and thoroughly enjoy every minute I brew on it.You can customize the setup: whether you want to run it as a gravity system or use pumps, it can be done.It fits easily into the back corner of the garage and is easy to wheel out where I want it when it's time to brew.Everything is well made. The solid construction allows me the versatility of brewing anything from a 5 gallon to a 1 barrel batch. The only "hassle" was having to build my own gas manifold. I think it took me longer to run to the hardware store to purchase the pipes and fittings than it did for me to put it together.I'm in the process of upgrading to quick disconnect fittings for convenience and a home made HERMs for better temperature control.I will have no problems using this rig as my pilot system once we start professionally in early 2015.Thank you Blichmann for a quality product and thank you Northern Brewer for making it available.
November 8, 2014
July 13, 2014
Top Notch
Great system, portability, ease of construction, buy this system!
November 10, 2013
Pretty Awesome
Came in 5 days via FedEx, shipping for the whole thing was $120 for the stand and tower of power and 3 burners (not too bad compared to morebeer's system). The thing is rock solid and easy to put together, you really have to get the torque wrench. Plan it out well as the pieces have to go on the stand in the correct order. The gas manifold was no problem, Home Depot had all the short lengths and connectors needed. Took about 3 days (with my kids in the way). If you get this with TOP, get the extension leg to permanently mount the TOP to the stand. Watching the online YouTube video for assembly more informative than reading the instructions. Waiting for plumber to wire this thing into my house nat gas and dry run with water. Go the extra mile and get the stainless quick connects completes the package.
August 10, 2013
Very happy
My setup- top burner 15G HLT, mid shelf w/ 5 gal cooler, lower burner 8G BK. Chugger pump wired to side mounted outdoor switch.This has taken my 6hr AG brew day down to 4hrs. I only use the pump to xfer water up to HLT and plate chilling at the end. Gravity does the rest. 2 burners and not having to do the kettle shuffle really speeds things up. I highly recommend getting a pump if you use a HLT burner on the top. You can just pour water into your BK and pump it up. If not you will have to haus a filled HLT kettle 6 feet up or get even higher to pour it in.Construction is SOLID. My back patio slab is angled and I was able to easily level the stand as well as level all the tiers. There is no wobble or flimsy flam, just rock solid.The only flaw that I found was the rusting of the gas T fittings that were included. You supply the main gas line pipe which will develop ugly surface rust as well. It was an easy fix. Just took a wire wheel and knocked off rust(unnecessary if it is new) then primed and pained the gas lines/fittings with some rustolium black. Do this before assembly to avoid this issue. I live in a high humidity area and it is setup outside uncovered. So far there is no corrosion or rust on any of the top tier system parts ie tiers, center column, and leg assembly.I was torn between a single tier and this top tier. I chose this and I am very happy with my decision. The price is well justified due to the quality of the materials and design.
August 30, 2012
I do not review often, however, I feel as though I should review this product as I Love it so. To start...the assembly took longer than I thought. With that being said, I did enjoy the process as I felt it drew me closer to the piece of equipment that I will use often and may need to trouble shoot during a brew session. I casually assembled it over two days taking my time and making sure everything was precise. I did not know what to expect with the assemble of this item but it was fairly simple, straight forward instruction and at every turn I was impressed with the quality of material. I like the fact that this can be set up as a gravity system as I have done and am sure that Sir Isaac Newton would have done right?????FREE energy. I had to go buy a few pieces of gas plumbing but seriously that is not a big deal and if the plumbing came with this system it would be all F'ed up because this is the beauty of the Blichmann.....it is a custon system. Literally nobodies system will look quite the same. Is that not cool. Custom brewery. No big deal going to home depot for a few pieces of custom length pipe that cost me a few bucks and allowed me to do whatever to the height's of my brew tiers. I got all the bells and whistles as in the shelf and the therminator and pump brackets and they work great. Very nice all together. If I could change a few things about Blichmann it would not be with the top tier system. I would change the fact that he chose to go with threaded MPT hose barbs and adaptors instead of ALL tri clover. This should at least be an option on everything as it is with the Fermentor. Nice product. Good value. I am happy with it. Thanks.
January 11, 2012
Rock solid and happy with purchase
I ordered the Top Tier with 3 burners, therminator mounting bracket and march pump mounting bracket and have brewed one batch on it and I am completely satisfied with the purchaseInstallation was fairly straight forward if you are somewhat handy already. It is certainly a solid piece of equipment. What took me the longest was assembly of the burners/brackets and figuring out how to arrange them, but it was from me thinking about things before acting and having to redo things.The instructions require the use of a torque wrench which I had to purchase separately. Since your dealing with 10+ gallons of hot liquid I'd recommend using the torque wrench to ensure everything is tightened appropriately, but it will run you a few more dollars than a regular wrench, ~ $65.Assembly of the base stand was an easy one person job along with assembly of the burners, however actually putting the burners on is a job I'd recommend having a extra set of hands help with.The gas manifold was easy to assembly and I easily found the parts needed at home depot so I can't fault Blichmann for not including them since they were easy to get.
April 26, 2011
Top Tier review
First of all, I can not see how anyone can give a review of this product if they have not purchased or used this product; so their opinion should not matter much. I personally own this system for about a year, and I have to say it's a great product. I have burners on all three levels because I do not want to lift any liquids. If you want a pump to recirulate or pump hot wort out to your carboy- then great. This is a beautifully built gravity system that will last the test of time. If you want a system with more bells and whistles so you can watch the system make beer for you then go buy that product. The only thing I could complain about is that even with wheels its awfully heavy to move around.
December 13, 2010
There are other Options
I have brewed on this first hand... It is a nice quality system and offers a lot of custom options in regards to heights, shelves, burners, etc. However, it is pricy when all is added up... 3 burners, 15 gal HLT, 15 gal MT w/ false bottom, and 15 gal Brew Kettle, not to mention the numerous other componets needed to fulfill the "typical" brewery equipment. Nice peice, however, my money will probably go with the competitors who have all that included in 1 price with custom options... Keep up the good work though NB!
December 8, 2010
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What is included in the standard configuration? Or is it JUST the stand and I configure it?
A shopper on Apr 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The system comes with the 'pole', the bottom stand section, enough nuts/bolts, and whatever three things you ask for when ordering, either one burner and two stands, or two burners and one stand, or like what I did - three burners. You do get the propane gas tank connector/regulator ... but the gas manifold (gas plumbing) is NOT included. Not too difficult to build, everything you need you can find at any hardware store (Lowe's / Home Depot), but it will take some time to envision it and plan it. I really like this system ... I've been using this system (10 gallon batches) for about 6 months (4 brew days) and so far I love it.
Does the pump mounting bracket support other pump brands, or just March? Same question for plate chiller mounting bracket.
Steven P on Mar 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I did not purchase the pump mounting bracket and I don't know about the plate chiller bracket because I have the therminator
Does the pump mounting bracket support different pump brands, or just March? Same question for the plate chiller mount.
A shopper on Mar 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The pump mount works on the march, or is easy to make work on the chugger since the holes are nearly identical. The chiller mounting bracket is designed around the therminator and is really the only one we know that works.

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