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34th Latitude South African Hops


34° Latitude South African Hops are the product of over 80 years of groundbreaking cultivation practices by hop farmers in the Southern Cape region. The result: truly unique hop strains so versatile and groundbreaking that brewers — both craft and home — are scrambling to get their hands on them.

african-hop-farm-300x167_1_.jpg sa-hops-180x180_1_.jpg

Known as the Tavern of the Seas, the Western Cape has been serving beer to thirsty travelers for centuries. But for the first time in history, the region is producing hops that rival — and some say surpass — those traditionally imported from Europe and the North West of the United States.

The secret is in innovative cultivars adapted to the specific climate and conditionals along the 34th parallel. These new, near-mythical South African hops have captured the attention of brewers around the world. And now we’re bringing homebrewers an extremely limited release hops so rare, they’ve barely been used by American brewers before. From high-alpha flavoring hops to versatile bittering hops and complex experimental strains, you’ll have plenty of varieties to play with.