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Centennial Type Hops for a Shortage

In case you haven't heard, there is currently a shortage of the mainstay American Centennial hop. Hopunion has released their "Centennial Type" hop blend as a substitute until the fall harvest. Sources at Hopunion have indicated that this is a 70-30 blend of Cascade and Columbus. How does it stack up? I've compared them side by side fresh out of the bag to find out.

The hop on the left is the new Centennial Type and the hop on the right is the old Centennial. They are pretty close, with some subtle differences. To my nose, the Centennial Type has more dark, fruity, pungent notes, compared to the original's grassy, sharper aroma. This actually isn't the first time that the Centennial Type hop blend has been available, it was used by homebrewers and pro breweries back in 2009 and before.

You know what they say: "when the brewing gets tough, the tough get brewing". So don't let the Centennial shortage hold you back, give Centennial Type a shot, you may even like it better. I confess that three out of six of us here at NB preferred the aroma of the Centennial Type, including myself.