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Best Place to Have a Beer

I remember the first time someone explained the concept of a "beer shower" to me. I was like, "Wait, you can drink beer in the shower??!" And, it turns out, you can. And it's awesome.
At the end of a long hard day of athletic activity, your muscles sore and stiffening, your sweat caked on to you in gritty salt crystals, you don't want to just relax, you want to mega-relax. Sweet beer, the perfect counterpoint to sun and running, moderately hydrating, muscle relaxant, a warm soft bed for your brain. And then showering, also muscle relaxant, warm, cleansing, excellent time to practice yodeling. Both a fitting end to the day; together they are much more than either could be alone. But I've heard a lot of folks talk about beer on camping trips. Watching the sun set with a pint, pulling a bottle of beer out of a cold stream, homebrew far away from home. That's pretty good, too. I am open to suggestions on the best time/place to drink a homebrew. If your suggestion is awesome enough, I will give it a try and blog about my experiences. Cheers!