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Todd Jackson

Where are you from? The land of Sky Blue Water, an hour North of Minneapolis

What is your favorite brewing topic to talk to customers about? I love talking about non-conventional brewing methods and crazy mobile kegerator builds.

What was your biggest brewing blunder? I brewed 10 gallons of porter at a buddy’s house.  We each took five gallons, so I brought my cut home in the carboy.  I was lazy when I got home and set the carboy on the kitchen Island for the night and next day.  When I got home, there was porter all over the ceiling and the airlock was gone.  Oh, and the kitchen Island was underneath the ceiling fan.  Every blade had krausen/yeast bits on it.  Always use a blow-off tube.

What movie have you watched the most times? Mallrats

What was your proudest moment in your fermentation history? Sharing with friends and family, but creating all of the beer and wine for my wedding takes the cake.

Why do you brew? I love beer.  And I love making things.

When did you start brewing? 2007 with a buddy at work.

What is your brewing system? Legally obtained Keggles and a square mash-tun.  Shirron plate chiller, march pump.  I primarily keg everything, even some wine kits.

What is your favorite style of beer for drinking and for brewing? I love the hops (not very original).  I gravitate towards the IPAs but I am not picky.

If you could share a beer with anyone throughout history, of even fictional, who would it be? I would choose a night with the Rat Pack

Where do you spend your non-brewing time? At the lake, on the pontoon.

Who are your three favorite musicians/bands? Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Busta Rhymes