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Wil Wheaton


Vandaleyes PA

Wil Wheaton VandalEyes PA
Extract Beer Kit $49.99


Hold on to your hops, homebrewers. Have we got a launch for you!

VandalEyes PA:

– the first-ever brew kit dreamed up, brewed up and served up for your homebrewing enjoyment by the epically geeky, celebrity-turned-master-brewer, Wil Wheaton. Seriously...Wil. Freaking. WHEATON! Because when he’s not writing, acting and generally winning the Internet, Wil spends lots of time doing exactly what you do thinking up amazing new brews, then figuring out how to brew them. In fact, VandalEyes PA was the very first homebrew recipe that Wil perfected. And now we’ve crafted a recipe kit that replicates its amazing aroma (thanks to a massive 3oz dryhop), caramel maltiness and the citrusy flavors of Cascade and Centennial hops. Just one sip is guaranteed to give you googly eyes. But, more importantly, we feel like this kit captures Wil’s own homebrewing mission: “Drinking beer is good, but making beer is GREAT .” Of course, it’s always nice to have a little help from your brew buddies. And now you can count Wil Wheaton as one of them. So get out your googly eyes, fellow VandalEyesers. And get ready to brew awesome!

New Wil Wheaton's wOOtstout: 

The curious creation of liquor-laced goodness packs in a whopping 13% ABV, igniting a boozy dance of rich flavors; chocolate, roasted malts, vanilla, dark fruits, subdued molasses, oak and warming alcohol are followed by a tinge of rye bitterness at the finish. Velvety carbonation softens the creamy, lingering body to balance a brew as complex as it is high gravity. w00tstout is a diverse concoction nothing short of serendipitous, laced with tribute to the triumphant trio of techies. Its malt bill lends a wheaten nod to Wil’s surname in a beer style that rarely sees such an addition, while a base backed by rye and a king-sized dose of pecans salute the Kentucky roots of Drew Curtis. The underlying thread of oaken bourbon draws this flavorful collaboration together for what may be the highest ABV beer ever brewed by Stone; a single pint serves proof that, in their own way, these geeks now how to party.


Wil Wheaton began acting in commercials at the age of seven, and by the age of ten had appeared in numerous television and film roles. In 1986, his critically acclaimed role in Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me put him in the public spotlight, where he remains to this day. In 1987, Wil was cast as Wesley Crusher in the hit television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Off-camera, he is the creator producer, and host of the wildly successful webseries Tabletop. Wil is an author, blogger, podcaster, voice actor, homebrewer and a champion of geek culture. All of Wil’s books grew out of his immensely popular, award-winning weblog, which he created and maintains at WIL WHEATON dot NET. While most celebrities are happy to let publicists design and maintain their websites, Wil took a decidedly different turn when he started blogging in 2001, when he designed and coded his website on his own. Widely recognized as one of the original celebrity bloggers, Wil is a respected voice in the blogging community who doesn’t think of himself as a celebrity, but instead as, “just this guy, you know?”

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