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For your viewing pleasure: Brew Rebellion’s road to going pro!


If you’ve ever dreamed about opening a brewery, here’s your front-row seat. This month, Amazon Prime debuts “Barely Beer Barons,” a series offering a no-holds-barred look at what it takes to go pro, from the ground up. Spoilers: It’s a lot of hard work and even more heart. We’re pulling for the guys at Brew Rebellion because we know a lot of talented, determined homebrewers just like them. Hell, some of us ARE them. For more info on this series -- plus a teaser of what’s to come -- read the full article at Miami Beer Scene. Or watch an episode now!

- The Brewmasters

New Brewery Show ‘Barely Beer Barons’ Chronicles Unconventional Brewers


 Barely Beer Barons follows Brew Rebellion’s story of how they became a craft brewery. (Credit: Barely Beer Barons)

What does it take to open a brewery? With craft beer’s meteoric rise in the United States, a lot of you have asked that question — and with 5,000 breweries and counting, it is obvious that many have figured out an answer.

Barely Beer Barons, a new series premiering in early February 2017 on Amazon Prime, shows how three friends found their path to brewery ownership and the promise of fresh craft beer for their San Bernardino, California-based brewery. The show chronicles Brew Rebellion’s dream of brewing up a business, approaching the operation in their brand of unconventional, unfettered acumen. By their own accounts, “It’s ugly, but it’s all theirs.”

“We wanted to show what a true bootstrap, people oriented craft brewery start up looks like,” says Brew Rebellion co-owner Ed Parker, one of the stars of the show. “Only in America, baby.”