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Golden Road


When it comes to beer, simply tasting great is not enough for Golden Road Brewing. Launched in 2011 by co-founders Meg Gill and Tony Yanow, the brewery was built to bring fresh craft brew to beer lovers in the most sustainable, socially-minded way possible. And doing good while brewing great has turned out to be a winning combination for this do-gooder brewery.

Based on Golden Road’s explosive growth and successful bid to transform LA into a booming beer town, we’d say that approach has worked out pretty well…both for the brewery and legions of beer lovers who prize the brewery’s fresh, clean West Coast flavors. And there's no Golden Road beer that's done more to save the world than Heal the Bay IPA – the ultimate, summery IPA brewed to help the Heal the Bay foundation protect California’s waterways.

'The Ultimate Summer IPA, Two Ways to Brew'

         golden-road-heal-the-bay_extract_1_1_.jpg                                  golden-road-heal-the-bay_all-grain_1_1_.jpg

            Golden Road Heal the Bay IPA                                         Golden Road Heal the Bay IPA

                     Extract Recipe Kit                                                             All-Grain Recipe Kit


The BREW: Golden Road Heal the Bay IPA

According to Golden Road co-founder and avid surfer Meg Gill, the inspiration for Heal the Bay IPA was born on her board.  “I saw a Heal the Bay beach cleanup after surfing one Saturday in Santa Monica and was immediately drawn to the organization.” For 30 years, Heal the Bay has been working to protect the Southern California watersheds. And since 2013, Golden Road has helped in that effort by donating a portion of the proceeds from brewery sales to the foundation. 

In Meg’s mind, it’s a natural fit on so many fronts. Golden Road was built around the idea of fostering a community of socially-minded beer enthusiasts in Los Angeles. Plus, Heal the Bay IPA is brewed to be clean, bright and fresh, and that’s exactly what the Heal the Bay foundation has been working so hard to achieve – fresh clean local waterways in Southern California.

Best of all, though Heal the Bay IPA started out as a seasonal summer beer, it quickly became a crowd favorite in the burgeoning LA beer scene. A perfectly balanced symphony of juicy, fruity hops and simple malt profile with a crisp, dry finish, it’s the ultimate year-round IPA for LA’s endless summer. Not to mention, the perfect way add a splash of California sunshine to any locale lucky enough to carry it.

And now, the beer famous for being crafted in Los Angeles can be crafted in your home. Authentically, deliciously, repeatedly. Because, for the first time ever, Golden Road’s finest brewmasters have shared the recipe in a kit crafted especially for homebrewers.

'The Good Stuff: Brewing & Tasting Notes'




SRM: 3.5

IBUs: 65

ABV: 6.8%



TASTING HIGHLIGHTS: Light in body · Bright · Citrusy · Juicy · Clean · Fresh · Summertime

PAIRING HIGHLIGHTS: Burgers · Fish and Chips · Salads with Fresh Fruit (Mangoes, Pomegranate Seeds, Citrus)

Brewmaster's Tasting Notes:

Pours a pale straw color with a brilliant white head. Nose is bright, citrusy, juicy with loads of tropical hop aromas. On the palate, it is light in body with subtle malt notes and explosive flavors of mango, grapefruit, pineapple and a delightfully dry finish. The perfect summertime IPA that appeals to both craft beer lovers and any beer drinker craving a bright, refreshing brew.

Brewmaster's Pairing Ideas:

Perfect with beach or poolside fare like the ultimate burger, fresh off the grill, or fish tacos with a squeeze of lime. The citrus character of the IPA also complements fish and chips, as well as salad greens topped with fresh fruit like juicy mangoes or pomegranate seeds. Pair it with a hand-tossed pizza sprinkled with cilantro and roasted peppers to play off the caramel notes.


More Exclusive Golden Road Recipes!

         golden-road-wolf-among-weeds_extract_1_.jpg                                  golden-road-wolf-among-weeds_all-grain_1_.jpg

       Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds IPA                             Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds IPA

                       Extract Recipe Kit                                                             All-Grain Recipe Kit



The BREW: Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds IPA

Golden in color and light to medium in body, this classic West Coast IPA is a celebration of the majestic hop species, Humulus Lupulus, to which it owes its name. In Latin, this phrase translates roughly as “Wolf Among Weeds,” after Romans observed hops' tendency to overtake other plants in the wild.

At 8%, this silent and seductive Wolf will sneak up on you with tropical, citrusy, dank hop notes and a hint of rye. Golden Road's goal was to  showcase the bright, tropical notes of Simcoe, the pine of Chinook, and the slight dankness of CTZ. The result is a complex layering of abundant hop flavors and aromas with an aggressive but pleasantly dry finish.




SRM: 2.5

IBUs: 75

ABV: 8.0%



TASTING HIGHLIGHTS: Light to medium body · Tropical · Citrusy · Dank Hop Notes · Hint of Rye

PAIRING HIGHLIGHTS: Burgers fresh off the grill · Fish Tacos · Samosas


        golden-road-get-up-offa-that-brown_extract_1_.jpg                                  golden-road-get-up-offa-that-brown_all-grain_1_.jpg               Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown                             Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown                        Ale Extract Recipe Kit                                                        Ale All-Grain Recipe Kit



The BREW: Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown Ale

A rich English-style Brown Ale with a great malt character, toasty complexity, rich notes of caramel and chocolate...and just enough hops to keep everything in balance.

Golden Road added trace amounts of smoked malt to this recipe, in order to emphasize the roast, while keeping malt sweetness from lingering. The darker malt qualities come forward while you drink, as the smoke continues to slowly surface. One of the most important aspects of becoming a great homebrewer is to know your ingredients. This beer is a classic example of how an intimate knowledge of specific malts can turn what some might consider a pedestrian style into something truly exceptional.




SRM: 20.0

IBUs: 20

ABV: 5.5%



TASTING HIGHLIGHTS: Complex toastiness · Rich notes of Caramel · Biscuits · Chocolate · Well balanced

PAIRING HIGHLIGHTS: Richly Marbled Steaks · Short Ribs · Barbecued Pork


        golden-road-oatmeal-milk-stout_extract_1_.jpg                                  golden-road-oatmeal-milk-stout_all-grain_1_.jpg

         Golden Road Oatmeal Milk Stout                                     Golden Road Oatmeal Milk Stout

                       Extract Recipe Kit                                                             All-Grain Recipe Kit



The BREW: Golden Road Oatmeal Milk Stout

The beer is built upon a solid foundation of the classic British heirloom malt, Maris Otter. The supporting malts, oats, and lactose all serve to keep everything in harmonious balance.

Golden Road wanted to marry the silkiness of an Oatmeal Stout with the subtle sweetness of a Milk Stout, all the while creating an extremely drinkable dark beer at 5.5% ABV. The idea was to create a beautifully balanced stout that would surprise even those who never thought they would enjoy one.



SRM: 30.0

IBUs: 17

ABV: 5.5%



TASTING HIGHLIGHTS: Medium in body · Roasty · Hints of Dark Chocolate · Extremely smooth finish

PAIRING HIGHLIGHTS: Burgers · Barbecue · Virtually any dessert



Meet the Brewmaster

When young beer lover and So-Cal transplant Victor Novak found himself on the other side of the country, cruelly cut off from his beloved Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, he did what the most intrepid beer lovers would do...he homebrewed a clone.

Good thing for the rest of us that he did. That first homesick-curing batch set the stage for one of the most esteemed careers in the brewing world...a 20+ year journey that would lead Victor from Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing all the way back to the West Coast, where he helped shape the Orange County beer scene before ultimately taking the wheel as Brewmaster at Golden Road Brewing.

In a town overflowing with great breweries, Victor has garnered praise and scores of GABF medals for brewing clean, classic, traditional European-style beers...occasionally highlighted with a thoughtful, surprising twist. His take on a barrel-aged Imperial Russian Stout -- Remy, aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels...maybe you’ve heard of it? -- became one of the most coveted annual bottle releases in history.

But when an opportunity arose to start brewing his passion projects on a larger scale for Golden Road Brewing, Victor decided to step out of his comfort zone and meet the challenge head-on. Now, instead of brewing 15 barrels, it’s 200-300 a day. But the exploration and creative process leading up to brew day is the same, and that’s what helps shape Golden Road’s world-famous beers.

“We have a very collaborative atmosphere, so regardless of who comes up with an idea for a new IPA, classic lager or barrel-aged beer, we all get to chime in and add something of value. We truly get the best beer possible this way,” says Victor.

In many ways, Victor is never too far away from his homebrewing roots, though you could say he’s upgraded a bit from the homebrewing kit he received as a Christmas present from his girlfriend in 1992. His first batch of homebrew was inspired by a beer and style he loved. And since then, he’s traveled the world to better study and understand the roots, science and methods behind classical brewing styles in Belgium, Germany, Britain, France and the Czech Republic.

That research has contributed to a skill set that’s made made him one of the most decorated brewers in Southern California. But no matter how refined his palate, Victor always appreciates beers that appeal to both die-hard beer geeks and flip-flop-wearing beach-goers alike.

“You have to be able to do a wide variety because everyone has a short attention span when it comes to style,” says Victor. “People always want something new.”

The same guidelines apply when it comes to homebrewing. When Victor selected the recipes for Golden Road’s first-ever homebrew recipe kits, he chose a mix of the brewery’s most celebrated styles. “Our reputation right now is very IPA focused. We do IPAs and classic styles, but still touch on other really interesting beers as well.”

The result is an expertly curated selection of Golden Road’s greatest hits: Heal the Bay IPA, Wolf Among Weeds IPA, Get Up Offa That Brown Ale and Oatmeal Milk Stout. All famously crafted in available freshly brewed in your own home.


golden-road-heal-the-bay_extract_1_1_.jpg    golden-road-heal-the-bay_all-grain_1_1_.jpg    golden-road-wolf-among-weeds_extract_1_.jpg    golden-road-wolf-among-weeds_all-grain_1_.jpg 

       Golden Road                  Golden Road                  Golden Road                   Golden Road                           Heal the Bay IPA           Heal the Bay IPA       Wolf Among Weeds IPA    Wolf Among Weeds IPA                Extract Recipe Kit         All-Grain Recipe Kit         Extract Recipe Kit           All-Grain Recipe Kit


golden-road-get-up-offa-that-brown_extract_1_.jpg    golden-road-get-up-offa-that-brown_all-grain_1_.jpg    golden-road-oatmeal-milk-stout_extract_1_.jpg    golden-road-oatmeal-milk-stout_all-grain_1_.jpg

       Golden Road                  Golden Road                    Golden Road                   Golden Road                       Get Up Offa That             Get Up Offa That                 Oatmeal Milk                   Oatmeal Milk                             Brown Ale                       Brown Ale                             Stout                                Stout                            Extract Recipe Kit           All-Grain Recipe Kit           Extract Recipe Kit           All-Grain Recipe Kit