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Josh Voeltz


Where are you from? Home of the World's Largest Buffalo.

What is your favorite brewing topic to talk to customers about? I enjoy enlightening folks who never realized the hobby exists.

What was your biggest brewing blunder? Left my dirty boil kettle in the garage one winter.  The stratified layers that formed on top of the mound of hops was impressive to say the least.  I never did look into what took hold, but there must have been a healthy ecosystem until the deep freeze came along that January.  

What movie have you watched the most times? Probably Star Wars, but I've lost count over the years...

What was your proudest moment in your fermentation history? My first 50% rye beer.  

Why do you brew? I enjoy making small tweaks on simple recipes to see how small changes can affect the final product.

When did you start brewing? August, 2008

What is your brewing system? Single tier, three vessel, direct fired RIMS.  Mostly 10 gallon batches so I can try two different yeasts.

What is your favorite style of beer for drinking and for brewing? That's a loaded question!  How much space do I have?  European style lagers are my favorite for drinking, and now that I have more temperature control, will likely become my favorite for brewing.

If you could share a beer with anyone throughout history, or even fictional, who would it be? Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

Where do you spend your non-brewing time? At home with my family working on house projects, tap rooms around town, or playing guitar in my band.

Who are your three favorite musicians/bands? Minus the Bear, Strung Out, ISIS 


Northern Brewer
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