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Nick Stephan

Where are you from? Battle Lake, Minnesota
What is your favorite brewing topic to talk to customers about? Getting Started! I think a lot of people think it is a lot harder to brew than it actually is. I love to show people that they can make beer, and damn good beer at home.
What was your biggest brewing blunder? Ever left a full keg of beer in the garage in -20 degree weather? It does not go well.
What movie have you watched the most times? Either Super Troopers or Happy Gilmore.
What was your proudest moment in your fermentation history?   My first lager, a Maibock!
Why do you brew?   Why don't you? Seriously though I love making something I can bring with me to get together and share with others.
When did you start brewing? Beer is expensive when you are in college...
What is your brewing system? My home system is in pieces right now, so I use the company system. I am fortunate enough to be able to brew whatever whenever on a Top Tier System.
What is your favorite style of beer for drinking and for brewing? Drinking - Maibock or Oktoberfest; Brewing - Brown Ale, I love me a Brown Ale.
If you could share a beer with anyone throughout history, of even fictional, who would it be? Unclear, I need a beer before I can answer that.
Where do you spend your non-brewing time?Camping, canoeing and hanging with my fiancee Laura and pup Belle
Who are your three favorite musicians/bands? Tool, Dandy Warhols, NIN


Northern Brewer
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