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Notes on a Brew Day for Somebody Else's Wedding, Pt. 1: Selection International Argentine Malbec

Yup. I brewed a wine.

A double batch, actually. On a weeknight. In between putting the kid to bed and washing the dishes and amidst racking a Dortmunder.

Gotta love wine kits! But let's begin at the beginning: this post is going to be the first in an ongoing series about brewing (or vinting, if you must [get it?]) for an occasion. I have undertaken to provide the adult beverages for my cousin's wedding this fall. To date I've brewed (and vinted, if I must) for three other weddings, including my own, and this time I thought it'd be interesting to document the process and compare notes with others who've done the same. So: Malbec. I like Malbec just fine, but the reason I'm making a double batch of this particular kit for the wedding is because my cousin and her fiancee spent a year traveling together in South America, working on organic farms and vineyards before returning to the midwest to start their own farm, and Argentina got stuck in their hearts.

Awww ... isn't it cute when the airlocks bubble at the same time?

Also on the docket for the reception: by request, a rebrew of last year's biere de garde that Cousin Rachel quite liked, and a to-be-determined crowd pleaser of some stripe ... I'm thinking a Kolsch, or maybe a blonde ale with some fruit from their land. Look for posts on these brew sessions in the weeks and months to come. So, for those of you who have (or are planning to), what did/will you make for your occasion, and how did it go over?

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