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The 6 Best Homebrewing Gifts on Amazon

Your search for the right homebrewing gift ends here. We combined all the best gear on Amazon into one handy guide, so that you don't have to spend hours scrolling.

All of these items can be purchased either on Amazon, or here, on our site

1. Kegging System

Kegs. Kegerators. Keezers. Ask any homebrewer, and they'll tell you: a seriously fly in-home kegging system is on their bucket list. Which means it's also on their wishlist.

2. Homebrewing Starter Kit

If you're shopping for someone who wants to start homebrewing, this is what they need. It's under $100, comes with absolutely everything, and makes 2 full cases of beer. That means they'll have to share the final product. You're welcome.

3. Craft Beer Making Kit

Don't love the $99 price tag? Check out this option instead. Same complete set-up, just smaller and makes less beer.

4. Stainless Steel Counterflow Chiller

Back to the bucket list. You might see this and wonder: why the hell would someone want a metal coil? But you'd be missing the point. It's not just a coil. It's a coil that, when unwrapped, brings tears to the eyes of homebrewers everywhere.

5. Beer Recipe Kit

To make beer, you need the right ingredients. Give them the opportunity to make that style they're always talking abut, or to experiment with something new. 

6. Fast Pitch® Yeast Starter

Here's a secret: when these little guys first came out, they changed homebrewing forever. Suddenly, anyone could make professional-tasting beer, all with just a pop and a hiss. 

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