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Wisconsin Homebrewing Bills Signed Into Law

Homebrewers rejoice, for today is a historic day: the Wisconsin Homebrewing Bills have been signed into law. This means that it will be legal once again for homebrewers in Wisconsin to take their homemade beer and wine outside of the home for tastings, competitions, or just to share with friends. Homebrewers across the state were surprised in 2010 by a new determination of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue that homebrew could not be taken outside the home in which it was made. This in effect made homebrewing competitions illegal, even though the State Fair homebrewing competition and numerous others had been going on for many years. It also made it illegal for homebrewing club members to bring homebrew to share at meetings. Northern Brewer and many others supported Senate Bill 395/Assembly Bill 521 and we are pleased to announce that it has passed and been signed into law. The related Assembly Bill 290, which allowed homebrew shops to serve samples and host brewing demos, was also passed. The laws will take 90 days before they take effect, after which homebrewing clubs and competitions can return to normal, individuals will be able to take homebrew to a friends house, and Northern Brewer Milwaukee will be able to serve samples of homebrewed beverages again. The support of the Beer Barons of Milwaukee, the American Homebrewer's Association, the Wisconsin Brewer's Guild, the Wisconsin Homebrewers Alliance, all the homebrewers of Wisconsin, and others has changed the archaic law for the better. To all of these friends, Prost, Kampai, Skol, and Cheers!