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Wet-Hopped Red Rye

A hop bomb, but brewed to sorta-session strength (hop mortar?) and infused with the unprocessed oils of cones literally seconds off the bine. As seen in Brewing TV - Episode 17: Hop Madness 2010.


All-grain, 10 gallons OG: 1.056 Mash: - 10 lbs Gambrinus ESB malt - 4 lbs Weyermann Munich - 4 lbs Weyermann rye malt - 1.5 lbs Simpson's Caramalt - 0.5 lbs Weyermann CaraAroma Single infusion, 152 F for 60" Boil: - 2 oz Magnum pellets @ 60" - 1 oz Ahtanum pellets @ 15" - At flame-out: - 16 oz Centennial, fresh off bine - 8 oz Liberty, fresh off bine Fermentation: - Wyeast 1272 American Ale II --------

tvYou like-a 5-gallon extract? Hm. Not a good way to add rye unless you do a partial mash. But you could approximate the rest of the grain bill quite well with 6.3 lbs of Amber malt syrup and 1 lb of Amber DME. Steep 0.75 lbs Caramalt and 0.25 lbs of CaraAroma, halve the hop additions (cause the above is for 10 gallons), and rock on.