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Saison de Noel Extract Kit


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Deceptively dark and beguilingly complex, this holiday specialty is brewed in the tradition of Belgian farmhouse ales. A generous malt bill with highlights of butter toffee, chocolate, dark fruit, and bread tangles with the earthy, spicy funk of Wyeast’s French Saison strain and a single addition of bittering hops to strike an evolving balance.

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Saison de Noel Limited Edition Extract Kit

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  • Saison de Noel Beer Kit Extract
Product Details
Deceptively dark and beguilingly complex, this holiday specialty is brewed in the tradition of Belgian farmhouse ales. Unlike most saisons, intended to refresh and sustain farmers doing manaul labor, this one is engineered to complement rich holiday fare and sustain you through long winter nights. A generous malt bill with highlights of butter toffee, chocolate, dark fruit, and bread tangles with the earthy, spicy funk of Wyeast’s French Saison strain and a single addition of bittering hops to strike an evolving balance. The porter-like color tricks your palate into expecting burnt, roasty notes and perhaps even a full body, but the reality that hits your mouth is a lean, attenuated beer with a snappy, estery, slightly tart edge and a warming, peppery finish. No spices here - all the complexity comes from malt, yeast, and your skill as a brewer! Brew now for Christmas, and stash away at least a six-pack of this age-worthy saison to enjoy on into the spring.
Additional Information
Beer Kit Yield5 Gallons
Recipe and InstructionsClick Here for Saison de Noel Extract Kit Brewing Instructions
Regional StyleBelgian
Original Gravity1070
Total Time to Make6 weeks
4.8 / 5.0
37 Reviews
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Amazing brew
Brewed this one during the summer and used the Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse Reserve at about 85 degrees for most of the fermentation. I must admit I was a little timid of hitting those kinds of fermentation temps and had to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion. I had good luck at this temperature, so I'm not sure if I'd try to push the temperatures further.This was my 2nd Northern Brewer kit. No clue how many kits I've brewed before that. It's very difficult to describe this beer in words. I have consumed many fine Belgian ales and can't think of any that are similar to Saison de Noel. There's a lot going on, which makes it difficult to being to describe the flavor. As the style says, it's a dark saison. The flavor is very yeast forward and wild. Probably not a beer for the timid and might not be the one to break your friends into homebrews. IMHO, the Wyeast Farmhouse Reserve really makes this beer wonderful. If the yeast is available next summer, I will definitely get this kit again. Not sure I'd buy it if I couldn't get that strain again.
February 13, 2013
One of NB's best
Really like this one... I've brewed a few kits by NB now, and this one is probably my favorite so far. Rich flavor with fruity, spicy, and boozy notes, yet lighter and easier-drinking than, say, a dubbel (this one is dangerously gulpable!) Dark but not too bitter; semi-sweet but not too syrupy. Will probably brew this one again... [made with Danstar Belle Saison, which I then reused for making a mead and also worked very well]
July 2, 2015
Great and unique gifts!
I brewed 5 gallons of Saison de Noel in late September. Took about 5 weeks to get into bottles. I tried it at about 7 weeks and it was BOOZY.. But we opened a few bottles for a dinner and it was AMAZING! The chef who cooked dinner ended up trading me a bottle for a bottle of his Homemade Chianti. Of course, I have my friends placing orders for beer now.. But I can live with that. Complex taste with just enough kick for the holiday Highly recommend, but be patient and leave enough time in the bottles to mellow out (or it left a tannin almost caberet burn in the back of the throat. But now, it is smooth and tasty..
December 14, 2015
Delightful beer
I brewed this in June and kegged for Thanksgiving. The taste is of brown sugar and fermented fruit. I wish I had brewed 2 of them in June. This kit ages very well and is very simple to brew. Excellent
December 4, 2016
30 gallons and counting
One of our favorites - we always try to keep some on hand for guests. At 10-12 weeks and beyond this beer gets ever more complex. We have had success just leaving it in the primary for 5-6 weeks and then in the bottle for another 3-4.
May 12, 2015
A winter warmer you'll wish you got in your stocking
A very delicious beer to warm your taste buds and belly. If I were St. Nick, I'd want this instead of milk and cookies ... bold, smooth, sweet, and satisfying.Being unfamiliar with Belgians and Farm House styles, I took a chance. This was my 22nd batch of homebrew, and I wanted to branch out beyond pale ales/lagers. Directions followed to a tee: 2 wks primary, 2 wks secondary, 2 wks bottle. I understand you can cellar this beer, but I'm affraid it will be gone before then ...To my unsophisticated Belgian palate, this first tasted like Coke, then had a warming taste of whole grain bread fresh from the oven, followed by a hint of caramel. Unlike anything I've ever tasted, yet I couldn't get enough!Do yourself a favor and explore this beer!
December 29, 2011
Great holiday brew
Brewed this one on a quick turn-around for my company's Christmas Party this past December (I know, LONG wait to review) and it turned out fantastic. This was my fifth beer and first foray into heavier gravity beers, albeit I didn't have a yeast starter. I simply cut back on the corn sugar and used about half of the recommended amount shipped. Did not seem to effect the flavor at all, in fact this is one of the best tasting beer's I've made so far. In all likelihood I'll be doing this one again for my company's Christmas Party next year and cellaring it for an extended period to really allow it to mature.
May 30, 2014
Great Saison
Brewed this one, but I was way off on the OG. I ended up with an ABV about 1% less than it should have been. Regardless, this beer is fantastic. I can only imagine it'd be much better if I actually brewed it correctly. Can't wait to brew this again next year!
January 18, 2014
Enjoyed my final bottle of the Saison de Noel tonight 12/25/2013. I brewed it back in Npvember 2012. It aged well and probably would continue to age well into the future. Highly recommend this brew. Took a lot of restraint to keep a bottle (750ml) for over a year but well worth it.
December 26, 2013
Subtly Complex
First, I'll just say this is a delicious beer, and I hope to compel you to have a go at this--it is extremely worth it.This is a very difficult beer to describe. It doesn't easily fit into any category. When my wife and I opened our first bottle on Christmas, it reminded both of us as a mix between German and Belgian styles. It has the slight spiciness that reminds me of German beers, yet has a more light, refreshing toasty/bready character with a hint of sourness one could expect from Belgian ales. There is a slight sweetness somewhere in there that disappears before the end, lending to a very dry, crisp finish. Somehow this all works together. All the flavor characters are quite subtle, yet do not run together to make a muddledness; each flavor is still separate, yet not overpowering in any one direction.Brewing notes. I used a big starter, just cause I like to have full attenuation. Brewing temperature for the first few days was between 73 and 75 degrees--I was hoping to get some sour flavors from a higher fermentation temperature, but I couldn't justify having the house any warmer than this. I would love to taste what a higher fermenting temp would do for this beer. Near the end of the fermentation, I brought the temp back up to 75 degrees to insure full attenuation. I don't have my notes in front of me, but the abv ending up being around 7.5%--a bit higher than I anticipated.This has everything one could wish for in a session beer, yet the abv is a bit high for sessioning for me.Like the other reviewer, I'd love to sit on a couple of bottles, but I highly doubt I'll be able to--it's just too tasty.
January 1, 2012
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I am getting ready to bottle this one (3 weeks primary/2 weeks secondary) and was curious whether any extra table sugar should be added to the priming solution (1-2 oz) to achieve adequate carbonation or whether the standard corn sugar package should sufficient? I saw the extra sugar recommendation for the Number 8 extract kit.

Thanks in advance.
John B on Mar 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have brewed this particular kit every year for the past 5 years, and it has come out beautifully each time. I have only ever added priming sugar per the included instructions (2/3 cup) and carbonation level was spot on. This is a great brew, especially if you have the patience to let it age in the bottles for 6-8 weeks. The longer it sits, the better it gets.
What is the expected FG?
A shopper on Dec 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: brewed one in July, came out at 8%, very nice, not hot, scored huge in several contests, in the 35 point range, brewed again at the end of Oct. and added some brown sugar, for the taste and it was about 8.92%, went to a mini best of show at the AHA contest in Feb/March.....doing another this year full grain but had very good beer with the NB kit. Would brew again.
Does the Saison de Noel Extract Kit come with dry yeast?
D A on Aug 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: There are two yeast options for that kit. The Danstar Belle Saison is the dry yeast. Be sure to select that one in the yeast drop down when purchasing the kit.

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