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Partial Mash Kits

Northern Brewer's Partial Mash kits are an excellent way for the extract brewer to take his or her brewing to the next level. By adding a "mini mash" to standard malt extract brewing techniques, you can create a more complex malt profile and gain access to a wider palette of grains without a big investment in all-grain equipment.

In addition to the equipment required for malt extract brewing (boiling kettle, primary fermenter, siphon, etc.), you will need the following to brew our partial mash kits:

  • A thermometer with a range that includes 120°-170°F
  • A mash kettle - a pot with a capacity of at least 4 gallons (the boiling kettle you already have can do double duty)
  • A second pot or kettle with a capacity of at least 2 gallons for heating sparge water
  • A large strainer or a nylon mesh bag that can hold up to 5 pounds of wet grain (used to separate the grain from the mash liquid in Step #8)

  • Want to learn more? See our Partial Mash Walkthrough.

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