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Captain Crush® Grain Mill


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A revolutionary combination of form and function.

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Ditch the knurled rollers! Mills that shred your grain to bits are old news. Our cutting edge slotted rollers keep husks intact while crushing kernels for the perfect grist, every time. And you’ll benefit from the superior crush until the end of time too, since slotted rollers never wear down.

Crush your cleanup--this non-corrosive mill can be hosed down and left to let dry. Plus, you’ll ensure you’ve got sparkling clean equipment next time you’re ready to use it. Wet mill at home for the first time ever, for no dust and no rust!

Mill uninterrupted, thanks to the huge hopper. Big enough for up to 11 lbs. of grain, you don’t have to stop your drill 10 times just to fill the hopper up. Dump it in, run it through and get straight to brewing!

Captain Crush® Grain Mill Manual (PDF – 1.12MB)

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Captain Crush Grain Mill

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  • Captain Crush® Grain Mill-Bottom, Rollers


Product Details

Make the most of your all grain brewing sytem with the perfect crush. Captain Crush® allows even more control over your recipes. Maximize extraction and efficiency for your specific brewery equipment.

As with all mills, use a corded electric drill for best results. While smaller drills may work, a strong electric drill (1/2" or 5/8") with a variable speed control will be able to start slow and provide the 175-200 rpm that is ideal for getting the perfect crush. Too fast and the grain will be pulverized or not pulled into the rollers at all.


  • 100% non-corrosive materials enable wet milling
  • Slotted rollers keep husks intact for better lautering performance
  • Dual-gap adjustments
  • Minimal assembly
  • Semi-transparent body so you can watch the mill work
  • Groove on underside secures mill atop any standard brewing bucket.
  • Drive shaft compatible with any 3/8" or larger electric drill.

Brewer's Note: Food-service grade silicone spray works wonders for ensuring smooth, consistent operation of Captain Crush®. It is safe, odor-free and keeps your rollers turning no matter how much grain you crush.

Hopper: 14” high, 11 lb capacity
Base: 14” x 14”
Mill: 3.5” x 3.5” x 7”
Assembled Dimensions: 14” x 14” x 17.5”
Rollers: 40mm OD
Gaps: Adjustable from .025” to .090”

Hopper and Base: Smoked Cast Acrylic
Rollers: Stainless Steel
Knobs: Stainless Steel
End Plates: Aluminum
Bushings: SAE 841 Oil-impregnated Sintered Bronze
Additional Information
2.4 / 5.0
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Sorry Northern Brewer
Bought this maybe three years ago and have milled 30-40 batches since then. With the exception of 1 or 2 batches, I've never had anything but problems with the top (non drive) roller binding up. Of course, once you're done milling, it gets put back on the shelf. You're mashing in, you pour yourself a beer and forget your grain mill troubles. Until - You GO THROUGH THE ENITRE ORDEAL OF SWEATING AND CUSSING THE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE TO USE IT. Last Saturday it took me over an hour to mill 24 lbs of grain and at one point thought I was going to have to resort to zip locks and a rolling pin.

I should have written this review sooner and I apologize to any brewers who bought this thing with incomplete information. After my initial problems with it, NB was kind enough to swap it out. Still, no joy. I really like the translucent hopper and base but the guts of the mill are terrible.

Sorry NB. I like your mega pots, your last straw bottle filler, as well as the products you sell that are carried by other retailers. Your employees are polite and your prices are reasonable. Why tarnish your otherwise good reputation by continuing to sell this thing?
January 31, 2018
Absolutely terrible
I bought this when it first came out 4 years ago or so. It worked fine for a bit, but eventually the roller started seizing up repeatedly when I would try to grind grain for my brew days.

I tried everything to get it to stop seizing up, but it always did it after a couple pounds of grain. I eventually got fed up and called NB customer service who did not have any suggestions but said they did redesign it, and sent me a 2nd one even though it had been a couple years.

They were right that they had redesigned it, with it no longer having thumbscrews for tightening the roller adjustments. However, same problem.

This is quite literally the worst brewing product I have owned and it often takes me longer to grind my grain than it does to heat 10 gallons of water to mash temp.

This past time I gave up and wound up grinding half the grain in my Vitamix blender.

I'm tossing both of these things in the trash. What a horribly designed product.
January 13, 2018
Very Frustrating
We have used this mill to make 16 gallon batches for over a year. It was always the most frustrating part of the brew day. Not once was it able to go through a 30-40 pound grain bill in less than 45 minutes, often it was closer to a 60-75 min festival of cursing that would make Ralphie's mom blush.

We finally gave up this year and replaced it with a competitor's model. As others have stated, the rollers would never consistently grab no matter what was attempted as far as gap adjustments, cleaning regimens, etc. Given the price, this was just unacceptable. Not worth the frustration and lost time. Certainly no way to get off on the right foot for a long brew day.
November 26, 2017
Captain Crush = POS
This should be a 0 star. I have fought with this grain mill for over 3 years and today it is in the garbage dumpster. DO NOT BUY!! NB should not sell this piece of equipment it is not up to your standards. It gets grain stuck in it and then the drive wheel starts spinning freely. I have tried every possible setting and still gets stuck. I get so frustrated with this that it ruins my brew day. If buying kits order your grains milled. If buying in bulk, find a better mill and please let me know.
November 19, 2017
I just smashed it, and it was worth wasting the money to do it.
I've had it for a couple years and the thing always stops grabbing grain, and I mean always. I take it fully apart and clean it then within about 10# it will start to freespin again (just like everyone else says). It also has a tendency to just lock when it is working, so after it spinning and me doing what I have to by using my hand to get it going again it locks dumping all my grain and I just took the damn thing and threw it against the wall. Don't by this crap. Guess I'll get a good mill for xmas this year, it was worth the loss to just smash this crap. Can I give it -1 stars?
November 4, 2017
Response from Northern Brewer
Thanks for the review... while we hope that this wasn't really smashed against the wall, we understand how frustrating it can be to have equipment that is not performing as it should. Our Customer Service team is sending an email to try to see how can help make this better.
November 14, 2017
Todd J Staff
Do not buy this mill
I would not recommend buying this mill. First, there are gaps between the bin and the grinding housing causing a lot of grains to come out. Second, the mill does not work with a drill. The mill jams up frequently. I almost broke my arm trying to use this mill.
October 29, 2017
9 months ago
Captain Crush
Very solid unit. Takes a pretty solid screw gun to make it work so be sure to have one on hand before ordering. I'm using it for test brews for my 10 Barrel brewery.
October 26, 2017
7 months ago
just awful
Can't even get through 12# of grains without disassembling the mill and rebooting. Wouldn't give it away to my worse enemy.
October 26, 2017
The most frustrating piece of equipment you will ever own
I've had this mill for 2+ years and it is the most frustrating piece of brewing equipment I have ever owned. I just spent almost three more hours trying to get it to work, then tearing the entire thing apart once again, removing every screw and set screw, and getting out my feeler gauges in the vain hope that maybe, just maybe, it would actually work as intended this time. But then I had an epiphany - it is actually never going to work the way it should - so I threw it in the corner and went and ordered a different mill.

I won't go into great detail about my trials with this mill, but a few points. First, I'm a serious homebrewer, I have two mills and I own a set of Humboldt sieves that I use to assure that I am getting the same crush every time. This mill has always drifted very badly, no matter what I do, and no matter how many times I completely disassemble it and reset the gaps with my feeler gauges - which is a pretty time-consuming undertaking. Yes, sometimes it works well, and when it does it is great. But then suddenly it just stops working - it will stop pulling grain, or the crush will drift badly, or the rollers will bind up, and then you will take it apart and get them spinning freely again, and you think it is working fine, but then it will just bind up again. These problems happen pretty much randomly, but always right when I have 50+ pounds of grain to crush. A few weeks ago this happened to me in the morning right before I was going to crush a big amount of grain for a barleywine. This delayed my brew day by about 3 hours. So I decided tonight to try to fix the thing one more time until I finally realized that this thing has wasted too much of my life and I am done with it.
August 29, 2017
Help for your mill.
The 5 stars are for Northern Brewer. Great company. I had problems with my Captain Crush mill and Northern Brewers replaced it. The second mill worked better but it also would stop milling. I tried a food grade spray lube it helped but still not satisfied. (disclaimer I am an AMSOIL dealer) I purchased a tube of X-TREME synthetic food grade grease from AMSOIL. I disassembled the mill cleaned and greased the brass bearings. When reassembling, the bearings caps are a touchy adjustment and a require some patience but the well worth your time insuring the rollers are freewheeling. Maybe the manufacturer could grease the bearings on final assembly and maybe include a small quantity of grease for annual cleaning and inspection. This is a wonderful mill if the rollers are freewheeling before you start your milling. I have ground several hundred LBS of grain and this is a great mill. Note: I use my leaf blower to quickly clean my Captain Crush Mill.
June 3, 2017
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Can this mill grind other grains like corn?
A shopper on May 31, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, dried corn is very hard, and it can damage mills like this that are designed for use with barley, and other "softer" grains. Hard, dried corn can damage the bearings of any barley mill, so we'd never recommend attempting to mill dried corn in any of the mills we sell. A "Corona" mill would be able to do it.
Halfway through milling the mill starts freespinning and I have to reverse my drill and play around with it before it starts crushing again. I was just wondering why thays happening and how I can fix it.
N I on Sep 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: What are your gap settings? Try widening the gap on the upper set of rollers to help draw in the grains. If you still want a finer crush you can have a smaller gap on the lower set. Also be careful not to run the drill at too high of an RPM. It may be that the reason it's about halfway through milling is because of the decreased weight of the grains pushing down into the mill. One other thing, is to make sure your gap settings are locked in and the knob is not moving. Tighten the spring loaded set screw on the knob/dial till you hear a click when it's turned. Hope one of these suggestions helps.
I have only used this mill twice since I bought it and it doesn't work. It doesn't mill. Looks like there is some type of issues with the rollers. Anyone ever run into to this issue and have tips on how to resolve?
J M on May 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I bought this mill for my nephew. He uses the mill all the time making all grain brews an works like a charm. He's never had any problems that I know of. He adjust the rollers to the change in size of grains,an how well he wants them milled. Works great.
I don't know what drill would be ideal for this mill. I currently have a cordless DeWalt 20V 450-1500rpm drill. I don't know if it has high enough torque to work well with this mill. Thanks
J U on Feb 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I just use a 18V Makita and put it on the low speed selection and it has plenty of torque; I generally do about 40 pounds at once.
I have used this crusher many times and I'm pleased with it. The only issue I had was not checking the set screws to make sure they were tight at the beginning. Today however, my grain crusher fell on the concrete floor and broke the hopper right off the body. Is there any way to order replacement parts for this crusher? I'm going to try 5minute epoxy to repair, hopefully it's strong enough to do the job.
A shopper on Jul 31, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We would be able to help out with parts, but we'd need to do an order on the phone, there's nothing set up online. But we can help out with this, if the gluing job is not enough!
Good day, tell me whether this send the mill to Russia ? and what is the price of delivery in Volgograd
V V on Apr 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for contacting us. We are only able to ship to addresses within the United States. There are forwarding companies out there though, that provide you with a U.S. address and we can ship to that. From there, they will be responsible for the package and any necessary documents required for shipping it to you. An online search should give you some options, if that is something you would like to pursue.
Dear Sirs

I am in Brazil, Can you send it to me? How much it cost? Express freight? Zip Code 14093 555
Thank you

S I on Apr 15, 2016

Thank you for contacting us. We are only able to ship to addresses within the United States. There are forwarding companies out there though, that provide you with a U.S. address and we can ship to that. From there, they will be responsible for the package and any necessary documents required for shipping it to you. An online search should give you some options, if that is something you would like to pursue.
I keep getting whole kernels that slip through the gap between the plastic housing and the rollers. The rollers seem to have some lateral play and can shift side to side, even when properly locked into their gap settings. I can clearly see them slipping through on the sides while crushing and find them in my grist. Am I doing something wrong? I totally disassembled and re-assembled the housing but seem to have the same problem.
F R on Apr 1, 2016
BEST ANSWER: A little bit of lateral play on the rollers is acceptable and normal for any mill. That shouldn't be related to grain getting through between the rollers and the acrylic side, though. Do you think you could reach out to us directly at brewmaster@northernbrewer.com? Wit a bit more information, I think we can figure out what is going on.
Q: In the product description it mentions using food grade silicone as a lubricant. I assume a spray can is meant. Where does the silicone get applied for best results?
A:It's definitely optional. The mill typically operates fine without any lubricant. The bronze bushings can be lubricated if you wish. Gabe from NB
Q: Yes, but I'm struggling with mine. Do I spray the silicone on the roller side of the bushing or from outside the box, or both sides of the bushings?
G F on Dec 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We would recommend spraying it on the outside. You could spray it on the roller side as well, but you would want to rinse the inside before running grain through it.
In the product description it mentions using food grade silicone as a lubricant. I assume a spray can is meant. Where does the silicone get applied for best results?
G F on Nov 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It's definitely optional. The mill typically operates fine without any lubricant. The bronze bushings can be lubricated if you wish.

Gabe from NB
How can I order replacement parts??? Bushings on the drive roller are completely shot after
C H on Sep 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: For replacement parts

you need to call customer service. Those are pressed into the housing so you would need new side plates. That should not be the case though. Refer to troubleshooting resources

calls customer service

consider some lubricant

but set up issues are the main challenge to easy crushing.
Has anyone come up with a reliable solution to the free spinning roller issue? I still have a couple hundred pounds of grain to grind and can't just up and buy a new grain mil due to the poor engineering this one was given.
christopher t on Jul 5, 2017
I bought a Captain Crush grain mill and I broke the base. How can I buy a new one?
Andre M on Dec 29, 2016

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