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Chocolate Milk Stout All-Grain Kit


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A milk stout (brewed with lactose sugar for body and residual sweetness) laced with pure cacao nibs in secondary. The lactose is unfermentable by yeast, so it adds a milky, creamy, rich sweetness and lots of body. A chocolate milk stout takes the above formula, then adds even more richness with the inclusion of exotic cacao nibs, the seeds that give us chocolate. Unrefined as they are, cacao nibs bring light fruity notes, sumptuous delicate chocolate, and hints of earth.

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Chocolate Milk Stout All-Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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  • Chocolate Milk Stout Recipe Kit All Grain
Product Details
A milk stout (brewed with lactose sugar for body and residual sweetness) laced with pure cacao nibs in secondary, this tenebrous concoction is rich and heady. Look for an opaque ebony pint capped with dark foam and a flavor reminiscent of straight espresso laced with chocolate liqueur and sweetened with turbinado sugar. Very full-bodied, round, and filling with bittersweet hints around the edges. Excellent as a nourishing restorative or as an ice cream topping.

Note: We have improved the recipe to include real chocolate instead of chocolate extract. The gourmet cacao nibs now used in the kits provide a deep and entirely natural chocolate flavor.
Additional Information
Beer Kit Yield5 Gallons
Recipe and InstructionsClick Here for Chocolate Milk Stout All-Grain Kit Brewing Instructions
Regional StyleBritish
Original Gravity1051
Total Time to Make6 weeks
4.5 / 5.0
23 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Stars
Best Stout Ever!
I brewed this 7 weeks ago. It is amazing! Absolutely delicious. I have brewed some decent, respectable 5 gallon batches of Ales or IPA's, but this stuff makes me look good. I am a God among men. My wife still thinks I'm a monumental mistake but now I have a dark beverage to place a smile on my face and ward of the frigid evenings of the many years to come before she kills me with her cooking.
November 27, 2013
Inadequate Instructions
I thought the instructions were minimal and found myself looking into other sources for reference
November 16, 2015
Getting improved results:
I earlier gave this a 4 but am bumping it up to a 5 after 3 brews. The biggest improvement is to use pickling lime along with other adjustments bring the mash pH to 5.5. Otherwise my final product is too acidic tasting due to the strongly acidic roasted malts in this kit. I start with the "Black Balanced" profile in Bru'n Water but my final Ca is 100 and carbonate is 300. To squeeze a lot more chocolate flavor out of the cacao nibs I soak them in a slight excess of plain vodka for two or more days and then add the vodka and nibs to the primary two weeks into fermentation. The nibs sink into the trub and don't cause issues racking. Lastly, I rack into a keg at four weeks and then let the keg sit for 3-4 weeks before cold crashing for a week and bottling from keg. Slow residual fermentation charges the keg (with some adjustments) and the long time in keg "secondary" prevents the product from overcharging when bottled. I use plenty of Fermintis SO4 and it forms a very firm trub when it falls out. But I think you could use any neutral yeast that is appropriate for your fermenting temperatures with good results. I drink this for a desert, often. Coffee is the first impression, followed by lingering semi bitter chocolate. No, NOT like Sam Smith CMS as I noted in my 1st review, but I've grown to like this beer with the above adjustment much better.
January 3, 2016
Good beer, a little drier than expected.
This was my second batch of beer. Beersmith called for a two-step batch sparge - 2.13 and 4.01 gallons. OG was 1.052, and I used a starter culture with White Labs WLP041 (optional yeast since that's what my local brew store carries). Fermented at 72 degrees in my kitchen with a wet towel wrapped around the carboy, and held in secondary per the recipe. I ended up with about 5 3/4 gallons so made a special edition with a little chopped chocolate bar and a couple of vanilla beans in a 1-gallon jug. FG at bottling was 1.016 for est. 5.5% ABV. I cracked one at 11 days (newby, couldn't wait) and it was still carbonating with active yeast and not terribly good. I had one last night (3 weeks after bottling) and it's gotten a lot better but it still has what I'd describe as a "chalky" feel, maybe from the cacao or maybe from operator error, not sure which, and it's drier than I expected it to be. Good head retention. My neighbor's an expert brewer and he gave it a 4/5. I plan to let it condition for a while longer.
June 18, 2016
Trust me and drink it quickly.
The best beer I've made but the chocolate fades quickly. Follow the recommendation for time in secondary on the nibs and two weeks in the bottle and drink it fast. It is a five star beer for about two weeks and then the chocolate fades and it turns into a four star beer. Still pretty good but no longer fantastic. I've stored it on the nibs for a full month, made no difference int he two weeks time. I even tried throwing a few nibs in the bottle to get it to last longer...that lead to bottle bombs. So enjoy it as much as you can during the those first two weeks. My wife said I wasn't allowed to share this batch when she first tried it.
December 3, 2016
Really tasty
Came out amazing all of my friends really enjoyed it! So it goes with out saying I will definitely be brewing this again!
March 24, 2016
Second order
This is the second time I have ordered this kit. This is a huge hit with with all the chocolate milk stout drinkers. BTW I have this on n2.
February 23, 2016
Great Beer
This is an excellent sweet stout. I kegged this on nitrogen and it is very creamy. I will definitely make this beer again!
March 22, 2011
So good!
First time I brewed with lactose and it won't be the last. It's by far the most popular beer I've made. It's got a good chocolate taste and is sweet. I've yet to find somebody who doesn't like this.
August 19, 2011
Great Beer!
I was totally happy with the taste. I had told my work buddies that I would bottle a few from my keg and bring them some. Man did I screw up because it was so good I drank it all and they are still asking. Looks like I need to brew another batch! It's an easy drinking Chocolate addiction.
February 9, 2014
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How long can this be aged in a glass carboy?
A shopper on Oct 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have made it several times and have kept in primary fermentation in a glass carboy up to 10 days, and in secondary fermentation with the cacoa nibs in a glass carboy for up to 4 weeks.
If I add coco powder to flame out, would this help intensify the chocolate flavor while adding the nibs to secondary? If so, how much coco powder do you recommend adding?
Matthew W on Sep 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It depends on what you like for a flavor. The amount provided in the kit is probably a standard flavor profile for what most people like. If you want more add some at flameout but remember it's easy to fall off the cliff. I like my beer to taste like beer with a slight chocolate residual flavor not chocolate with a beer flavor but if that's what you like go for it. I think if I wanted more chocolate I would add it with a flavoring at bottling and start with 1/2 what's recommended on the little bottle and taste it. It's real easy to fall off the cliff with that stuff too and what you wind up with is a fake gimmicky taste that easily recognized. I just did a peach sour using 20 lbs of peaches in a 12 gallon batch. It wasn't "peachy" enough for me so I added 1/2 the amount of peach flavoring. Now, It's exactly what I was trying to do. Cheers.
Anybody ever tried adding cherry flavoring?
B A on Oct 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We haven't tried that particular combination here before. But chocolate and cherry do generally go together. It might be worth trying. The flavor extract doesn't require any aging so I would recommend blending a small measured amount with beer from the secondary to get an idea of the taste. Scale up for the rest of the batch if it works nicely.


Gabe from NB
What hops come with this kit?
A shopper on Jun 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Cluster hops
If I add it to the mash do I just add the powder in as is?
Matthew W on Sep 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it would be added as-is to the mash.
What should the target Final Gravity be for this brew?
J E on Jan 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you for choosing Northern Brewer! That beer should finish at a gravity of 1.018-1.021 due to the unfermentable lactose addition. I hope that this helps! Have a great day!
Do I boil the coca nibs in water before adding to secondary? Just toss them in? soaking in vodka is out.
M R on Aug 31, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You could steep them for a few minutes in some boiling water to sanitize, if you like. I would use just a small amount of water, then add the whole mixture to the beer.

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