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PicoBrew Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Machine

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Brewing the freshest craft beer has never been easier or tastier. With the Pico Model C you can brew 5 liters of the finest beers right on your countertop. Your brew will be fermented, carbonated, and ready to enjoy in as little as two weeks. Best of all, you have the control over the homebrewing process without the complex equipment, hoses, buckets, and bottles. Craft any beer style you want - from IPA to session ales to stouts and porters simply with the push of a button.

The Pico Model C uses ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient packs that allows you to brew fresh, brewery quality craft beers from the convenience of your own home. PicoPaks include the perfect balance of pre-measured, fresh grains, hops, and yeast so you can brew award-winning beers from a growing list of over 150 large and small breweries around the world. Choose from an ever-growing list of your favorite craft beers from the PicoBrew Brewmarketplace, or create your own with the Freestyle PicoPaks. The Pico Model C will recognize each of the PicoPaks and will automatically follow the recipe to guarantee perfect results, every time. Craft a variety of fresh beer your way every day of the week and serve right from the included kegs.

The sleek, compact and modern design of the Pico allows it to fit comfortably on any kitchen or bar countertop, matching the decor of any home. The expertly engineered Pico brings the brewing process to life, and with minimal cleanup and attention needed, it is the perfect accompaniment for your next party, family holiday, or big game. Be the envy of all your beer drinking friends with the new Pico, which gives you the freedom to brew the impossible.


  • Brews 5 liters (5.2 qt.) of beer at a time.
  • Choose PicoPaks kits with premeasured grains, hops and yeast from more than 100 award-winning recipes from breweries around the world.
  • Adjust ABV (alcohol content) and IBU (bitterness level) of any brew.
  • Choose Standard Fermentation (about 10 days) or Fast Fermentation (6-7 days).
  • Professional CO2 force-carbonation system so you can enjoy your finished beer faster (C02 regulator sold seperately).
  • Compact unit requires no assembly and sits on kitchen counter.
  • Built-in steam cleaning simplifies sanitization.
  • Use the Pico C sous vide function to elevate your foods as well as your brews for gourmet preparation of meats, eggs and vegetables.
  • PicoPaks are biodegradable and compostable after use.
  • Online tools available for recipe creation and customization.

PicoBrew Pico C Brewing Machine: 16" x 12" x 14" (H x W x D)

POWER SOURCE: (electric, battery, hand powered, etc.)

Voltage: 110-120V. 15A maximum current.

Pico Model C contains:

  • Pico C brew keg with quick connectors
  • 16 character x 2-line OLED display
  • Black-powder-coated finish
  • Fast fermentation only
  • Keg conditioning only (or purchase CO2 regulator separately)
  • Serves in 5-liter mini keg
  • Sous vide in brew keg
  • Includes:

  • Black Pico C
  • Black and stainless steel Pico C brew keg
  • (1) 5-liter serving keg
  • Step filter and lid
  • Accessory kit:

  • Quick start guide
  • Black and stainless steel Pico C brew keg
  • (1) Fermentation temp decal
  • Dispensing bung plug
  • Racking tube
  • Pico C keg cozy
  • Cleaning tab

    *PicoPaks sold separately.

    Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as the Pico C will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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    PicoBrew Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Machine

    PicoBrew Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Machine

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