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Small Batch Quad Core Fermenting Kit

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OK, so we got 12 bottles that will be ready next week, but there's that party the week after that, and then the monthly poker night - did we get them a gift for their birthday? Once you start brewing, the world finds out and conspires to "sample" your beer away from you. Keep'em coming back, get a small batch Quad Core Kit.

Also the perfect addition to our Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit. Don't wait to start another batch of homemade wine.

Includes 4 of each:

  • One Gallon Fermentors
  • FermograF - Adhesive LCD Thermometer
  • Screw Caps with Hole
  • Blowoff Tubing
  • Three-piece Airlocks

You can handle the increased capacity, but even better, you can try new things, keep it fresh. Black IPA, German Blonde, Irish Red, and Caribou Slobber, all at once? Not a problem for the Quad Core.

Works for beer and wine. See our 1 Gallon Small Batch Starter Kit or the Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit.

Need a new Primary Fermentor for your 1 gallon batches? See the Small Batch Big Beers Booster Pack.

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Small Batch Quad Core Fermenting Kit

Small Batch Quad Core Fermenting Kit