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Blichmann Fermenator Conical Fermentor - Standard Fittings

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The Blichmann Engineering Fermenator is the ultimate in home fermentation. This stainless steel conical fermentor features a weld-free interior, a dump valve for removing yeast and sediment, and a rotating racking arm for transferring. After your primary fermentation is complete you can simply remove the yeast from the conical section using the dump valve and go straight into secondary fermentation without transferring. The lid is a removable soda keg-style hatch that is pressure capable, allowing you to easily transfer using co2 to minimize air exposure.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as Fermenators ship directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground.

For detailed information on sizing and specs, click here. The options above allow you to add on leg extensions, casters, and the tri-clamp blow off assembly. 

Additional information


CF01, CF02, CF03, CF10

Other features include:

* Unlike glass carboys, the Fermenator is impervious to heat, won shatter, and won admit light.
* Unlike plastic buckets or plastic conical fermenters, they won scratch, discolor, or harbor bacteria.
* Large-diameter top means an accessible interior for easy cleaning.
* Rotating racking arm makes for simple, sanitary, sediment-free racking--no siphoning.
* Replaceable threaded fittings
* Directional 90° bottom dump
* Stainless 3-piece ball valves
* Folding carry handles
* Beaded silicone lid seal
* Channel-shaped legs: welded to tank wall exterior, with scratch-preventing pads on the feet
* 304 stainless steel
* 14 gauge flange; 16 gauge sidewall; 18 gauge cone

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Equipment, Might Need Back Up Parts

I love my Blichmann and I have brewed some of my best beer ever with it. I have only had a few issues. First and foremost, the rubber lid seal that helps provide an airtight lock from lid to tank always seems to come with an intentional slit cut in one area, making it easier to tear after a lot of use. I have replaced at least three of these in the past two years at about $30 plus shipping. Not only is it expensive, but it has me worried that if if rips during fermentation, oxygen may be seeping into the tank. Second the lid clamp collar got stuck on me so I had to replace that as well, but it may have been user error. Highly recommend otherwise.

Ok but there are better options

I've had it for one year and its perfect for 10 gal batches. Nice for collecting yeast from the dump valve. The lid c clamp is a major problem. The clamp is large and awkward. Its also stuck on me and I need to replace the entire clamp for $60. The gasket is also ripped and cost $35 without shipping. Luckily that still works for now. The keg hatch on the lid is probably the best unique item here. Not sure why a giant clamp is needed when there is a pressure relief of 3PSI on the hatch.
This has been out for some time now and needs updates. Take a look at their competitors before buying these. A gasket from others runs $8 without shipping and no giant c clamps deal with. Ill keep mine and deal with the problems but I do regret it.

Great Conical

Great product. I have the 14g model with the normal fittings. I opted to equip it with Cam-lock style fitting instead of the triclamps because they are more reasonably priced and work very well.

think long and hard before buying the standard fitting model

If you plan to use this often, opt for the tri clamp model.

Freaking awesome!

I love this thing!. It goes from the stove to the fermentor to the keg. No more siphoning, no more buckets, no more carboys. It is so simple to use. I only wish I had a whole arsenal of these to use. Plus you can harvest the yeast for the next batch.

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Blichmann Fermenator Conical Fermentor - Standard Fittings

Blichmann Fermenator Conical Fermentor - Standard Fittings

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