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FastFerment 14 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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14G FastFerment is your all-in-one fermentation solution. 

Eliminate 80% of sanitizing and cleaning with this affordable all-in-one conical fermentor. Conduct all stages of fermentation in this single vessel. Remove the trub from the bottom of the fermentor instead of transferring all your liquid to secondary. No siphons, no secondary fermenting vessel to sanitize, no extra bungs and airlocks.

FastFerment produces dramatically better results. Start each batch by letting debris settle out into the collection ball before pitching your yeast! Remove the debris, and pitch into ultra-clear wort. Plus, FastFerment minimizes the risk of oxidation and contamination by eliminating the need to transfer to a second vessel, preventing off-flavors and infection. Keep your batch safe from external spoiling factors by keeping it in one place.

Perfect for making beer, wine, or cider.

Features: -Food Grade HDPE - Easy Cleaning and Batch Stirring with a 6" (15cm) removable screw top lid- Total Capacity 14 US Gallons/ 53 Litres - 1.5" / 3.8 cm Teflon Seated Union Valve, 33% Larger than the 7.9G FastFerment! -Exterior Volume Markings on Vessel and the Collection Ball- Collection Ball for Yeast Harvesting - Save $100 & harvest your Yeast Strains!

Just when you thought it couldn get any more low maintenance, FastFerment has a wide mouth lid for effortless, hands-on cleaning. Plus, you can easily add or remove dry hops or flavor additions during secondary fermentation. 

It not just for beer. FastFerment is also perfectly suited for homemade wine or cider! 

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SKU 42579

Each FastFerment includes:

  • One 14 US Gallon / 53 Litre Conical Fermenter
  • 6" (15cm) Screw Top, Grommet & Airlock
  • 40.6 oz (1200ml) Bottom Collection Ball For Harvesting Yeast
  • 1.5" (3.8 cm) Teflon Seated Union Valve, 33% Larger than the 7.9G FastFerment!
  • ½" diameter PVC Hose & Hose Clamp for fast keg filling
  • Stainless Steel Thermowell
  • Solid Tubular Steel Stand with Assembly Screws
  • Instructions


Height (in the stand):

  • To top of Airlock: 41.7" / 105.9 cm
  • To top of Lid: 38.2" / 97 cm


  • Conical Body: 18.6" / 47.2 cm
  • Stand Rings: 18" / 45.7 cm

Optional Add-On: Leg Extensions for 14 Gallon Conical Fermenter. The perfect addition to your 14G fermenter, these leg extensions raise the height of your conical to make transferring even easier.

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FastFerment 14 Gallon Conical Fermenter

FastFerment 14 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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