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Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket 7 Gallon

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The Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket sits at the pinnacle of today’s stainless steel fermenter market. Sleek, innovative, and affordable, the Brew Bucket gives you industry-level tech at homebrewer-level prices.

These stainless steel buckets can be stacked during use, a feature unique to Ss Brewtech. The signature conical base of the Brew Bucket minimizes potential off-flavors due to yeast contact during fermentation and allows the yeast to collect below the racking arm for a sample or clean transfer. All sizes fit into standard chest freezers for temperature-controlled fermentation. 

Product Key Features:

  • Conical base with rotatable racking arm
  • Space-saving stackability 
  • ?” Mini ball valve for transfers and gravity samples
  • Wide lid with secure spring clamps
  • 17mm port in the lid for ½” blow off tubing (Blow-off Barb not included)
  • Welded carrying handles
  • Etched volume markings (gallons/liters)
  • Patent pending
  • Optional temperature control with FTSs Chilling (not included)


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 7-gallon capacity
  • 12.5” Diameter
  • 20.5” Height

17mm port in lid requires a No. 2 Drilled Stopper or the Ss Brewtech customized Blow-off Barb.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Brewtech brew bucket

    I love this thing so far. Perfect for the home brewer that want to move past plastic. I like the rotating racking arm and the valve. Makes transferring easy and taking samples. Cleaned and passivated it last night and put the first batch in it today. So far so good.

    Top Notch Fermenter At An Affordable Price

    One of the best conical fermenters for the money. The lid latches securely and seals tight, the integral handles make it a cinch to move around, and it is solid stainless steel construction. I just finished racking an IPA out of the Brew Bucket and have found that the conical bottom really keeps trub and yeast cake compacted at the bottom of the cone leaving less surface area exposure to your brew. It is also super easy to clean, soak with warm water & PBW, rinse and it looks brand new . I did have a couple of issues while racking to my bottling bucket that I will attribute to operator error. With about 1 gallon left in the fermenter, the ball valve got clogged which is strange because I had the racking arm facing down, but I will try a different angle with the racking arm on the next one. Also, a 3/8" ID siphon tube does not fit tightly on the barb. Needs to be 5/16" ID. Overall, great piece of equipment and I cannot wait to get the next batch in there.


    Best upgrade I've made yet!

    High expectations mostly met but missed on some basic design and service.

    >Very good packing and quality of manufacture.
    > Fit and finish very good, no sharp edges, easy to clean.
    > Stable to carry and stand (no short leg rocking).
    > Silicon lid seal and included cork for airlock are a good tight fit.
    > Spigot seal allows easy rotation and did not leak at bucket.

    > Spigot barb has problem holding on to bottling hoses (tried both 3/8" ID silicon and PVC tubing). Had leaking between hose and barb that required careful handling to keep from pulling the hose off and spewing beer all over the floor and bottles. Checked the barb OD with micrometer, measured .373" full length, smaller than my bottling hose ID's which are snug on a 3/8" ground dowel pin. The spigot barb OD needs to be bigger that the hose ID unless a hose clamp is used, which doesn't seem right given the price point of the Brewbucket.
    > Emailed SS BrewTech customer service June 21st asking if all their spigot barbs run smaller than the hose ID's they are intended for and if not, could I trade out for a spigot with larger OD barb. Received acknowledgement of my email request (#30680), but no response yet, going on 2 weeks. Customer service is poor.

    This should be a slam dunk 5 star product except for a spigot barb that requires a clamp to keep from pulling the hose off during use and non-responsive help from SS customer service. In my case they fumbled on the 3 yard line and missed out on a touchdown.

    I love the Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket 7 Gallon

    I have upgraded to stainless steel fermenter, the Stainless Steel brew bucket. What can be said in addition to stainless steel fermenter: stainless steel buckets can be stacked during use. the benefits of the conical base of the Brew Bucket help separate the leftover stuff during bottling.Easy to clean. A great upgrade to my brewing experience.

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    Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket 7 Gallon

    Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket 7 Gallon