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Fermenter's Favorites® All-Grain Brewing Coolers 7 & 10 Gallon

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New and improved Fermenter's Favorites® All-Grain Brewing Cooler features a silicone-reinforced valve port to ensure a tight seal when combined with a weld-less valve kit (not included). Recessed, foldable handles and a redesigned body to optimize storage and handling.

The 7 gallon cooler will accommodate most 5 gallon batches, while the 10 gallon cooler has the capacity for higher gravity brews or larger batches. This cooler is perfect for your next mash tun or hot liquor tank.

Just add hot water and you're mashing! Brew better beer with less effort using a Fermenter's Favorites® cooler as your mash/lauter tun or hot liquor tank--with an average temperature loss of less than 2° F per hour, insulated coolers effectively retain mash temps without a constant heat source.

Tested and trusted by our brewmasters, it's the only all-grain brewing cooler used in our brew cave, preferred for its hassle-free operation--exceptional heat retention and leak-proofed construction ensure constant mash temperatures and effortless, secure ball valve installation.

Fermenter's Favorites® coolers store easily and stay out of the way with recessed, fold-able handles and a narrower body for a smaller footprint in your brew cave.

Note: the Fermenter's Favorites® 10 gallon cooler offers increased flexibility to brew bigger beers with an expanded full capacity of 11.7 gallons for brewing five to ten gallon batches.

Valve and bulkhead assembly not included. See our weld-less cooler valve kits.

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Customer Reviews

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Held temps well

I've been using a 5 gal seat top Igloo cooler for 5 years and after maxing out the grain capacity several times (anything over 12lbs) AND several thermal cracks, I decided to upgrade to the 7.5 gallon FF cooler... I already had all the hardware so only needed the cooler... 10 gallons would be too large for me so this 7 gal was a good fit. Unlike igloo coolers, this came with a silicone grommet for the outlet hole which means it seemed to seal with less hardware and washers / o-rings... the only thing I don't like is the screw lid as the seat top has a push down lid which I generally prefer. The plastic liner is definitely a different material then my cheap igloo so hopefully it won't crack as quickly or ever ;)
Held temperature just fine for the hr mash.
Over all seems like a good buy...

Product Has Worked Well and Holds Temp

I've done about 15 or so mashes in this unit and it has held up well. I did install a "real" valve and a thermometer, the latter of which required some minor mods. The 10 gallon unit doesn't have enough room to perform a true "no sparge" for a 5.5 gallon batch so I just mash/sparge in two equal volumes. No biggie.

I keep thinking I'll eventually upgrade to a stainless unit but this one just keeps trucking, holds my mash temps, and continues to perform well, so I haven't bothered!

The inside shell warps a bit when mashing, but it doesn't impact the mash.

Agree with another reviewer: it does not have volume markers on the inside. For what it's worth though, I measure out my strike/mash water volume separately, so while this would be nice it has no impact on my personal brewing process.

Hot Water Tank

These coolers work perfect for having strike water ready and at constant temperture


Had to return it as there are no markings inside to indicate volume, therefore no advantage over a Rubbermaid

Great coolers for all grain brewing.

Provides plenty of space to do 5 to 6 gallons of brewing. I like how I can give a couple of inches of sparge water when sparging.

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Fermenter's Favorites® All-Grain Brewing Coolers 7 & 10 Gallon

Fermenter's Favorites® All-Grain Brewing Coolers 7 & 10 Gallon

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