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BIAB Brew-In-A-Bag Starter Kit w/ Caribou Slobber Recipe Kit

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The Brew-In-A-Bag Starter Kit is the ultimate gateway into exploring advanced brewing methods. The first BIAB brewing system built with exactly what you need to achieve all-grain results with extract simplicity. Whether you're looking for a shorter, simpler all-grain brew day or an extract brewer seeking marked improvement in the quality of your beer without complicating your process, BIAB is the epitome of a happy medium.

Brew-In-A-Bag is a brewing method that combines all the steps of all-grain brewing into one vessel, allowing you to fine tune the flavor profile of each batch for maximum quality while simplifying the all-grain process to minimize time, space and effort. Hit the ground running in the world of all-grain brewing and step up your game without stepping up your equipment.

Ready to try your hand at All-Grain brewing, but not ready for the bulky extra equipment? Brew-In-A-Bag is the answer.

Effortlessly transition from steeping specialty grains to steeping your whole recipe with the extra-large mesh Brewmaster bag that fits easily over the lip of your kettle. It can hold the weight of even the heftiest recipes. Extract fermentable sugars and reliably hit your original gravity without the extra effort of sparging and recirculation by simply resting your grain bag atop the durable stainless steel strainer and allowing excess water to drain into the kettle.

Includes a full-length mash paddle, essential for brewing with the full-volume boil that BIAB requires. The high-temp digital thermometer offers increased control with vitally accurate instant readings in the temperature-sensitive environment of advanced brewing. Includes the crowd-favorite recipe Caribou Slobber. Start off with an all-time best-seller and instantly taste the BIAB difference.

BIAB recipe kits are designed to yield 3 Gallons.

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BIAB Brew-In-A-Bag Starter Kit w/ Caribou Slobber Recipe Kit

BIAB Brew-In-A-Bag Starter Kit w/ Caribou Slobber Recipe Kit

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