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Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 - Siphonless 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

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The newest innovation in glass carboys, our Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 Glass Fermentor now features siphonless transfer! Gone are the days of fumbling with hard-to-sanitize racking canes. Recently re-engineered with the help of world-class Polish master glassmakers to ensure sturdy, solid, superior craftsmanship. With graduated volume markings and our Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Lid, this is the ultimate solution to your fermentation and transfer headaches. Problem solved. 

The Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Lid is just like a traditional carboy bung, only bigger! Just as easy to sanitize and set in place too. Ribbed silicone rings ensure a positive seal to keep out pests, while the non-threaded design allows the lid to move preventing an out-of-control fermentation from dangerously pressurizing your fermentor. 

Fight oxidation and contamination by keeping your fermentor closed for transfers. Never open the lid to insert an auto-siphon, just turn a valve and you're set. Best of all, you'll have clearer beer. Gently rack liquid from the spout into secondary or bottle straight from primary or secondary without disturbing the trub. Make your brew day easier and your beer better with the siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2. 

The optional Big Mouth Bubbler Universal Dual Port Lid allows for the use of a temperature controller probe. The ThermoStar Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller with optional 12" stainless probe ensures precise and repeatable fermentation temperatures! Lid port works with our Small Universal Stopper or a standard 6.5 rubber stopper. 

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  • Ported Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO2 5-Gallon Glass Fermentor
  • Spigot
  • Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Lid
*Pro Tip: Save your box and use it as a cover for your fermenter! 

5 gallon fermenters are best for the secondary conditioning stage of beer fermentation. The smaller size eliminates extra airspace in the fermenter reducing the chances of oxidation which can stale the beer prematurely. Also available as a  6.5-gallon primary fermentor

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Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 - Siphonless 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 - Siphonless 5 Gallon Glass Fermentor

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