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Northern Brewer Brew For All Belgian Snifter

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The wide bowl, narrowed waist, and fluted rim of our 13 oz. snifters helps sustain the head and focus the aromas of any Belgian beer, from powerful strong ales to complex sours or rustic Saisons. Each high quality glass snifter is printed with the "Brew, Share Enjoy" motto.
Traditionally used for Brandy and Cognac, the Snifter is designed to capture and enhance volatiles. The wide bowl creates a large surface area and allows plenty of room for swirling, increasing the release of volatile aromatic compounds, while the bulbous globular shape helps trap and concentrate those aromas. A snifter is is the preferred glass for beer styles that feature complex aromas and is recommended for styles that are swirled, sniffed, sipped and savored as it enhances the alluring scent of strong ales such as Barleywines, Imperial Stout, Doppelbock, Scotch Ale, and all sorts of Belgian styles. However it can also be used to great effect with any particularly aromatic style - notably IPA and IIPA.

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Northern Brewer Brew For All Belgian Snifter

Northern Brewer Brew For All Belgian Snifter