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Navel Orange Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit - White Claw Style Recipe

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Product details

It may not count as your Daily Serving of fruit, but the Navel Orange Hard Seltzer is deliciously juicy, with a burst of captivating citrus flavor and a refreshingly light profile. 

Its well-balanced flavor boasts the brightness of ripe oranges, and the enticing aroma is elevated by the signature effervescence of a hard seltzer. 

Designed with all natural ingredients,  and no artificial flavors or additives. 

When you keep it simple, clean, and all-natural  it’s easy to create a superior beverage. 

Whether you’re trying to beat the summer heat, or looking for an alluring alternative, the Navel Orange Hard Seltzer is guaranteed to please!

 Note: Yeast is included in the kit

Brewing Notes

  • Style: Alternative Fermentation
  • Fermentation Range: 60-80F
  • Original Gravity: 1.035
  • SRM: 0
  • IBUs: 0
  • ABV: 5.5%

Tasting Notes

  • Aroma: Fresh, lively navel orange aroma
  • Appearance: Crystal clear with no color
  • Flavor: Bright orange citrus with a slight carbonic bite
  • Mouthfeel: Very light body with fizzy effervescence

Additional information

Support Documents - Instructions Click here for instructions


Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Hard Seltzer
Fermentation Type Ale
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Brad’s Notes:

Hard seltzer waters are all the rage these days, so why not ride the wave? This kit is a very simple and straightforward fermentation consisting only of dextrose (corn sugar). The resulting product is boozy water, coming in right at about 5.5% ABV and is then flavored with all-natural crystallized orange powder.

To ensure the best results with this kit, be sure to follow the directions and add the yeast nutrient packets according to the schedule described. Adding yeast nutrients in staggered additions ensures that the yeast remain happy and healthy and will avoid any off-flavors that stressed out yeast can generate.

The fermentation will be complete within 2 weeks or so, but be sure to leave this batch sit for a few additional weeks to allow the yeast to drop out of solution and leave behind a clear beverage.

We have also included more flavoring than needed, so you can decide how intense to make the flavor - add a little at a time and taste until you are happy with the flavor level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Slow fermenter

Glad it was fairly cheap, tests your patience.
Ferments Very slow. 7 weeks, not clear, only 4.3% alc. I believe not enough nutrients in liquid (nearly boiled distilled water), even with 3 small nutrient packs. Added additional yeast, stirred, very sluggish and low alc. Next time (if there is a next time), will use spring water and more nutrient/energizer to aid fermentation. This orange flavor better be outstanding or this sugar water goes down the drain.

Not good...

Followed instructions but fermentation never happened. Ended up with 5 gallons of sugar water.

Don't Waste Your Time!

I have to start by saying I'm giving this 3 stars because I have read that anything under 3 won't show up on their product pages. I have been using Northern Brewer for years and their products are starting to decline. My last several shipments from them have been incomplete, meaning items were left out. I had to contact customer service, wait for their response, and delay my brewing as it takes up to a week to get the items that were left out.

That being said, I tried this since my wife loves hard seltzer. After another delay because they failed to include the other two packets of yeast nutrients, I finally made this per their included instructions. After three days, absolutely zero fermentation! I contacted customer service and the response was to raise the temperature to see if that helped. The temperature I was at (70F) was in the middle of the instructed range for the yeast! They said if that didn't work, they would ship me another yeast packet. It didn't work and I didn't want to wait, so I purchased a yeast packet on my own from a local source. This time I hydrated it first, pitched it, and fermentation began, rapidly at first, then slowed way down overnight. After 30 days fermenting, I just flavored and bottled it so we'll see how it turns out. I would not recommend this product to anyone who is on the fence about purchasing. In fact, I have begun to shop elsewhere. I can get it cheaper and faster with better reliability. It's a shame since I like their beer and wine kits overall.


This review is incomplete. After 20+ years of brewing beer, I decided to try something different! The brewing process is basically the same as brewing beer but faster and fewer ingredients. After 5+ weeks fermenting i finally bottled so Ill do a second review with the final product...stay tuned!

Naval orange hard setzer

Working good, still fermenting after third pitch ofbthe nutrients I’m waiting for result

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Navel Orange Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit - White Claw Style Recipe

Navel Orange Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit - White Claw Style Recipe