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Columbus Hop Rhizome - Available for Pre-Order

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Grow your own Columbus hops!

These Columbus Rhizomes are root cuttings of the hop bine; to be planted in well-drained soil with plenty of sun and room to climb, then harvest and dry the flower cones in late summer for your brewing pleasure!

Columbus hops have a very pungent aroma, and clean bittering properties. 

Note: This is a pre-order item; rhizomes will ship directly from the grower starting in mid April. Minimum order is two rhizomes, they can be different types.

Important Notes:

  • These are a pre-order, and will ship directly from the supplier as soon as they are available (typically mid April). 
  • The minimum order is two (2) rhizomes. Since these are live root stock, we cannot guarantee they will grow so ordering two of each variety desired is optimal to provide greatest chances of success.
  • Rhizomes will be shipped through the US Postal Service. Please provide a USPS-deliverable address with these orders. If you have a PO Box address and wish to order rhizomes, please include ONLY rhizomes on that order. 
  • Due to local restrictions, we cannot ship rhizomes to HI, AK, WA, or ID.

Additional information

Support Documents - Instructions Click here for instructions

Last Day for Pre-Orders is March 31, 2020.

Columbus: Dual purpose hop with intense earthy and faint citrus character. Use in American ales.

Usage: Dual purpose
Flavor Profile:  Clean bittering properties with intense earthy and faint citrus character.
Substitutions: Chinook, Galena, Millennium and Nugget
Typical Beer Styles: US IPA, US Pale Ale, Stout, Barley Wine, Lager

Typical Columbus Hop Statistics

  • Alpha Acids: 14.0 - 16.0%
  • Beta Acids: 4.0-5.0%
  • Co-Humulone: 30 - 35% of alpha acids
  • Total Oil: 1.5 - 2.0 mls/100g


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great quality!

Great quality!


Took a while to recieve these, but the quality was great. Healthy rhizome with healthy shoots within a week of planting

I imagine the shipping time wasn't 100% on NB. Harvesting rhizomes isnt always a "mark the calander sort of task"

Overall, very pleased.

Roots shoots and promise

The package arrived with roots, shoots and promise. I dug my holes planted watered and am waiting for my results. Southern climate so we will see how they do.

First harvest

I started home-brewing back in the early 90's when it first became legal. The selection was limited and most of the malt came pre-hopped. I think they call them "20 minute boils" now, brewed in the family stew pot and fermented in a plastic bucket. Single stage, it was cloudy and took a couple of batches until your guts could handle all the yeast. The only "tweeking" you could do was in the finish hops. I was instantly hooked on the sensual overload you got when you stuck your nose in a bag of hop flowers, even the unreliably frozen kind. Not to mention how a good finish hop would bring a ho-hum 20 min. boil to life. My brothers thought I was a wizard; my wife thought I had skipped a rail. (Typical wine drinker) As happens, life got complicated. The home-brew store wasn't making much money and converted to a brewery. Excellent honey mead, but they quit selling home-brew supplies. We had our son, I got promoted and time for even a 20 min boil dropped off. Three years ago I was complaining about the price of good beer and my wife replied, "You should try making your own again". I love getting told to do something I want to do anyway. Wow! Have things changed. The verity of kits, malt styles, specialty grains, yeasts and hundreds of hop strains was an amateur chemists wet dream. I spent days researching hop properties, flavors, smell, bittering characteristics and their effects on various ale styles. But when going through the Northern Brewer website and finding rhizomes... That, I had to try myself.We live in the Rockies, over 6000 ft., in western Wyoming. The realistic growing season is about 3 months. It doesn't quit freezing until June and starts back up in September. Everyone with a garden has a greenhouse. Hops don't fit in a greenhouse. I had to try anyway. The rocky soil needed help. I dug up the top 6", 18" wide and set it aside. I then dug up the next 6" and used it for fill somewhere else. After removing all the rocks from the top soil, there wasn't much ...

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Columbus Hop Rhizome - Available for Pre-Order

Columbus Hop Rhizome - Available for Pre-Order

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