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Duck Duck Gose All-Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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Sour. Salty. Citrus and floral aromatics. Sounds odd, right? Well, history would say “no!”. The Gose style has its roots in Germany over 500 years ago, and Duck Duck Gose is our take on the nearly lost classic. Tapped on its firm, brilliantly white foam head with hopes of not being the “goose”, Duck Duck Gose is brewed with lactobacillus for a pleasant tart sensation, while additions of salt and coriander brings this recipe full-circle to complete the intriguing sensory perception that is Gose. Tap into your inner child and play a game of Duck Duck Gose with us.

Brewing Notes
  • Style: German Ale
  • Fermentation Range: 60-65F
  • Original Gravity: 1.047
  • SRM: 4.5
  • IBUs: 12
  • ABV: 4.6%
Tasting Notes
  • Aroma: Soft wheat malt nose with layers of subtle citrus fruit and faint biscuit. No hop aroma.
  • Appearance: Deep golden in color with moderate haze. Firm and lasting bright white foam head.
  • Flavor: Complex flavors of fresh bread, noticeable saltiness, moderate to firm sourness, citrus undertones and low bitterness.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium body with a lingering acidic sensation and smooth finish.

Recipe kit includes Omega Yeast Lactobacillus Blend

Brad’s Notes:
“The Gose style goes back hundreds of years, and nearly went completely extinct. Leave it to modern craft brewers to resurrect the style and see it flourish - it seems that I see more and more Gose releases by the week. So, here we are with our own. Sour, salty, citrusy and fruity, Duck Duck Gose is actually a rather complex beer. Kettle souring the wort imparts a delicious tart underpinning to the beer, while salt, coriander and a modest bittering hop addition create layers of flavors that perfectly play along with the wheat-based grain bill. The relatively modest ABV makes this recipe a real thirst quencher, and you can have a few, run around the circle and take a seat again before the alcohol catches up with you.

Fun (odd?) fact - Did you know that Minnesotans call the game “Duck Duck Goose” “Duck Duck Grey Duck”? I don’t get it… bunch of weirdos up here.”

Additional information


B11633, B11634

Beer Color Light
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Low
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Wheat Beer, German Ale
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I ordered this kit with the Imperial Yeast G02 Kaiser. I made a 1L Lacto starter the day before brew day. Mashed, lautered, and did a quick boil just to sterilize, then cooled, pitched the Lacto starter and kettle soured at 86 degrees for 2 days with a blanket of co2 on top of the wort. Once the souring was done, it was brew day as usual. The Lacto strain that comes with this kit is L. plantarum which is perfect for a Gose. The acidity is clean and soft. I will definitely be brewing this again, possiblity with a fruit addition in the secondary.

So far so good

First time I have ever kettle soured. Looking forward to the finished product

Gose kit

Haven't brewed it yet but it looks like it will be great.

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Duck Duck Gose All-Grain Beer Recipe Kit

Duck Duck Gose All-Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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