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Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

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Introducing the first system to make cleaning your fermentors as much fun as filling them!

Sit and smugly watch, hands-free, as your worst-nightmare of crusted-on krausen simply fades away. A solution of water and PBW is pumped through the washer, effortlessly obliterating caked-on crud. Spend less time and water cleaning your equipment. Ideal for plastic carboys where you cannot use a brush to scrub the inside. Keep those plastic fermentors scratch free for years of use.

Once your carboy is sparkling clean, simply switch out the PBW solution with a SaniClean solution, and you have a hands-free, rinse-free sanitized carboy in minutes.

Work great for kegs too. Using a soda keg disconnect and some tubing (not included), you can even clean those hard to reach keg dip tubes without disassembling the keg.

SAVE $17.96 by buying as a bundle!

Please Note: Carboys not included, only shown for demonstration purposes.

We recommend the use of a GFCI outlet or adapter during use.

Cleaning and sanitizing a big 5 or 6 gallon carboy can be an intimidating job.  What if we told you it could be hands-free, and could be done with just 1 gallon of solution instead of 5 or 6?

The Brewery Essentials Carboy Wash kit makes this a reality. Works with both glass and plastic carboys, powered by Mark's Keg Washer (don't let the name fool you, it works for carboys too!) and includes the awesome no-rinse action of Saniclean. Using a soda keg disconnect and some tubing (not included), you can even clean those hard to reach keg dip tubes without disassembling the keg.

The janitorial part of brewing just got fun! With the powerful action of PBW, you can smugly watch the crusted-on gunk simply wash away. Includes a carboy brush (for use on glass carboys only), and a carboy dryer to help make sure your fermentors are drained and stored dry between uses.

Please Note: carboy not included.


  • Mark's Keg Washer
  • Carboy Dryer
  • PBW 1lb
  • Saniclean 16 oz.
  • Carboy Brush (for use on glass carboys only)

Please note, we cannot ship this product by air.

We recommend the use of a GFCI outlet or adapter during use.

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    Full thumps up for Northern Brewer Customer Service

    These guys provide outstanding support.
    The pump in the Mark II Keg washer got damaged at first use apparently, because it is to be used a warm temperature but much lower than prescribed on the PBW label (I used it at 140 F).
    Not only did Northern Brewer customer service reacted faster than the manufacturer's warranty service, they went further in shipping me a full mark II keg washer as replacement for not having separate pumps in stock.
    Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

    Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

    It works as advertised

    Works great as advertised

    Everything works as designed. It hold the 6 gal glass carboy just fine. Tougher grime takes some extra chemicals but it works good otherwise. My only wish is the the cord was a little longer. The roughly 5 ft cord doesn’t quite reach across my counter


    Makes it easy

    A must have

    When I started home brewing the number one thing I heard over and over was sanitization. After brewing several batches it is clear as to why it is so important. It is also clear as to how it is the only part of the process that is no fun. This carboy cleansing system has made the cleaning and sanitizing process significantly easier. I still use the brush to get the heavy stuff off but I did run a couple of tests to prove you don't have to. I like to because it starts to foam and froth if you don't.I use this system to get the inside of my hoses nice and clean, to sanitize my bottles, clean the carboys, and all little parts. The system was well thought out and I cannot recommend it enough.

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    Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

    Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System